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When someone you care about makes the life-changing decision of coming to university, it's only natural that you should want to support them any way you can.

Below, we've answered some questions that we're often asked about accommodation. As well as these FAQs, there are some quick links to information for students that you might also be interested in.

You can also see general information about our university and the support we provide to students in our Parents' and Carers' Guide. It includes tips on how you can help you son or daughter settle into university, and what information we can share with you under the Data Protection Act.

Frequently asked questions

Will my son or daughter be guaranteed a place in student accommodation? Is the demand for accommodation high?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your son or daughter a room. We receive many applications and the accommodation does reach capacity quickly. We would encourage your son or daughter to apply as soon as possible after firmly accepting an offer to study at Anglia Ruskin as rooms are allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis and do reach full capacity. If we are unable to offer accommodation we have an experienced house hunting service to support your son or daughter secure private rented student accommodation.


How does my son/daughter apply for accommodation?

The best way for your son or daughter to apply is online via our website. If it is not possible for them to apply online, they can download a paper application and send it by post.


What accommodation is available to my son/daughter?

There are various options available, depending on the location of the course. Some of the options are managed by the university and some are privately owned and managed. You can read about them in the main section of our accommodation website. We encourage all applicants to consider their options carefully to ensure they choose options that suit them.


When will my son/daughter know if their application has been successful?

Your son or daughter will apply online, and they'll be able to track the application all the way through to signing a contract for their accommodation.


Why would my son/daughter's application not be successful?

There are a number of possible reasons:
  • The accommodation is full at the point of application.
  • Your son or daughter's current address is within our radius boundary.
  • Anglia Ruskin University is not your son or daughter's first choice.
  • You son or daughter is planning to study part-time.
  • Your son or daughter has lived with us previously.
  • They are under the age of 18. Read more about applications by minors.
You can read more details in our allocations policy.


If my son/daughter's application is unsuccessful, what other accommodation options are there?

There are rooms and other types of accommodation available in the private sector. Read more about Private sector house hunting.


If my son/daughter's application is successful how is the accommodation allocated?

We follow an allocations policy. Our policy is reviewed and approved annually by the Anglia Ruskin board. You can find it at the bottom of the Applying for your accommodation page.


If I am concerned for my son/daughter can I discuss their situation with you?

The Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act mean we, as a university, are unable to disclose information about individual students to third parties. We work to professional codes of practice which ensure confidentiality. However, we do appreciate there are occasions when a family member or partner may feel the need to share their concerns about a student with us which we are more than happy to listen to and take on board. Although we can't openly discuss a student with you, we will take appropriate action to follow up on cases where there is serious concern for their welfare.


What are the rooms and shared areas like?

Most of our students live in single study bedrooms, all of which are furnished with a bed, a desk and chair, storage space (including a wardrobe), shelves, a notice board and curtains. Some accommodation has shared bathrooms, some rooms have en suite facilities and some have their own sinks in the rooms.

Depending on the type of accommodation, the kitchens are mostly shared and are sized in proportion to the number of students sharing them.

We offer adapted accommodation for students with disabilities.


How long can my son/daughter live in the student accommodation?

The majority of students live in the accommodation for one academic year. A small number of rooms are made available for students wishing to return.


How much does it cost?

Depending on the accommodation type, the rent ranges from approximately £88 to £170 per week. This includes all utility bills up to a generous threshold and in most accommodation, personal possessions insurance and internet access. You can find rental information by location and property on our Where you'll live pages.


What does my son/daughter need to bring?

We have made some suggestions about what your son or daughter might like to bring with them at What is in the room, and what to bring. If you wish, you can help get them started by buying essential items online from Click2Campus and having them delivered straight to your son or daughter's room before they arrive.


Will my son/daughter be responsible for keeping things clean and tidy?

Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms, kitchens and most communal areas. They are also responsible for putting their recycling and waste out for collection. A concern for the environment is integral to everything that Anglia Ruskin does, and we encourage students to recycle.


Who can my son/daughter go to for support while living in accommodation?

Residential Service offices located on campus are open from 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, to help students. Outside these times various support is available depending on the accommodation, such as security systems, security patrols and Residential Assistants. A full breakdown of what is available at each accommodation type is included on our Where you'll live pages.


Will my son/daughter have to cook for him/herself?

All our accommodation is self-catering. There are places to buy meals available on campus as well as a range of stores and restaurants locally.


My son/ daughter is homesick or finding it hard to settle in, where can they go?

We would like them to let Residential Service know so that we can support them, also Student Services have a range of resources able to help people settle in.


My son/daughter will be renting in the private market, what information is available for them and us in finding a suitable place?

We have a section of our website dedicated to supporting people looking for private accommodation. It provides house hunting options as well as a guide to getting started. In late February/early March, we run a Housing Fair to provide information for those returning students who will be renting their own accommodation for the following academic year. See Private sector house hunting.


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