Darren Leech

PhD student

I would recommend the research degree option to practising managers already qualified at Masters level. It not only gives an opportunity to focus research on matters of real relevance to their industry, it also enables researchers to share their work across both the research and business communities - for benefit of the researcher, the workplace and the university.

When studying for a doctorate (PhD), you'll first identify an area where significant new knowledge or understanding may be generated.

Having identified your intellectual problem ('gap in knowledge'), you'll establish your research question(s)/hypothesis, before formulating a framework for undertaking the research. After this, 'field work' (which may, for example, consist of data collection, the analysis of records, accounts, papers etc, recording interviews, or undertaking experiments) is undertaken and findings are analysed. In drawing conclusions, you'll make reference to your original research question/hypothesis. A critical reflection on the contribution to knowledge is required.

For funded research and in some disciplines (for example science, or engineering), the sponsor/supervisor may identify the area to be researched.

Features of doctoral research at Lord Ashcroft International Business School

Doctoral research:
  • advances knowledge
  • develops theory and builds models
  • demonstrates critical use of extensive literature
  • displays rigorous methodology
  • provides apprenticeship in research methodology
  • accords with expected academic standards
  • receives moderation by peers
  • satisfies refereed criteria for publication

Natalia McDonagh

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Undertaking my PhD research in Marketing has enabled me to master my chosen field, taking my professional and academic skills to the expert level. Studying for my PhD with LAIBS is challenging, thought provoking, but also extremely enjoyable. The supervisory team not only have a deep knowledge about theoretical frameworks, but like myself are actively engaged in fostering the links between the academic and professional practice.

Doing the research has taught me the new ways to look at business problems, understand the roots and causes, and modify my approaches to business practices, through working in partnership with my supervisory team, networking at doctorate conferences, engaging in discussions and exchanging ideas with fellow researchers.

Since embarking on the PhD program with Anglia Ruskin University, I have secured a senior position in the company as a recognition for my dedication to achieve the highest accolade in my area of expertise.

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