Dr Stefan Vieweg

Visiting Professor of Business Development
Head of Global Communications, Nokia

Dr Stefan Vieweg is Global Head of IT Controlling at Vodafone Plc, leading a team of 60 people. He is a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute, the worldwide leading designation for investment professionals. He has produced various reports and publications and has given speeches at conferences in Gothenburg, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and St Petersburg.

Dr Vieweg has a long history of involvement with academic research and has throughout his professional career been engaged in postgraduate research for a total of eight years. He has also been actively involved in the research and consultancy efforts of the associated body of LAIBS staff - most notably Prof Dieter Lange, Visiting Professor to LAIBS.

Dr Vieweg has two decades of experience in high level strategic decision-making and Corporate Finance. In addition, he has assumed a number of advisory and counselling roles and has served on a number of panels and industry consortia connected to the International Telecommunications Society World Forum. He has in the past served as a consultant to the German Research Institute for Aviation and has been a member of the EU Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development. He has also received formal honours for his advisory service to the German Society for Flight Security.
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