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Anglia Ruskin host debate on the latest trends in digital publishing

On Tuesday 21 February, a panel of experts, including Booker Prize shortlisted author Jill Paton-Walsh, debated the latest hot topics in digital publishing - including the seemingly unstoppable rise of the ebook - at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

'All the World's a Page: Spreading the Word in the Digital Age,' was sponsored by Anglia Ruskin's Cultures of the Digital Economy (CoDE) Research Institute and chaired by Colin Walsh of Book Production Consultants and founder of the Publishing in Cambridge Association (PICA).

The Question Time-style event debated how best to disseminate digital information to different cultural and commercial sectors, an essential concept for writers, publishers, booksellers, entrepreneurs, academics or anyone interested in the latest technological advances,

Dr Samantha Rayner, Director of CoDE, said: "This event is all about creative communication; the ways we can connect with people through the internet and other digital formats.

"The popularity of devices such as the Kindle has shown how quickly digital technology can transform culture, but people are still discovering how to effectively harness this technology and predict how it might develop in the future.

"CoDE is exploring these questions and this panel debate will help us, and everyone who comes along, find some of the answers."

In addition to Jill Paton-Walsh, the panel included Jacky Colliss Harvey (Publisher, Royal Collection Enterprises), Bob Satchwell (Executive Director of the Society of Editors), John Hudson (Head of Publishing at English Heritage), Neil Thomas (Director of Thorogood Publishing), Tim Feest (Principal Consultant at Tim Feest Consultancy Services) and Martin Woodhead (MD of Woodhead Publishing Limited and Chandos Publishing).

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