Melanie Bell

Melanie Bell

MPhil (Cantab), MA (Cantab), DipTEFL

Director of Learning, Teaching and Assessment
Senior Lecturer, English Language and Linguistics

Hel 321


Telephone: 0845 196 2793
International: +44 1223 698 793

Melanie Bell's research activity page

Melanie Bell is a senior lecturer in English Language and Linguistics. Melanie holds an RSA DipTEFL and an MPhil in English and Applied Linguistics from the University of Cambridge.

Her main research interests are in the areas of quantitative and corpus linguistics, particularly as applied to the syntax, morphology, phonology and lexical semantics of English. She has recently completed a PhD on 'Compounding in English', which looks at the intersection of these areas. Other interests include discourse in the professions, especially nursing, the teaching of spoken English, and the design of language courses.

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