Dr Anne Ife

Dr Anne Ife

BA (Nottingham), Postgrad Diploma (London), PhD (London)

Research Fellow

Hel 354

Email: anne.ife@anglia.ac.uk

Telephone: 0845 196 2089
International: +44 1223 698 089

Dr Anne Ife's research activity

Anne Ife is now a part-time Research Fellow, having previously taught Spanish and Applied Linguistics. She has had a number of leadership roles in the department and was latterly course leader for the Intercultural Communication in Europe Masters programme, now re-named the MA Intercultural Communication. She is the module leader for Language, Identity and Policy on this programme, supervises a range of MA theses and is the Anglia Ruskin co-ordinator for the European Eurocampus programme.

Her research interests are second language learning, the policy and practice of second language use in the modern globalised world, and specifically language diversity and language policy in Europe. She has written Spanish teaching materials for the BBC and the Open University and has published a range of articles on aspects of second language acquisition, including vocabulary learning at different levels, the impact of study abroad on language development, the use of language learning strategies, and cross cultural communication, including the use of a lingua franca.

Anne is co-editor with Janet Cotterill of Language across Boundaries, BAAL/Continuum, 2001, and with Guido Rings of Neo-colonial Mentalities in Contemporary Europe? Language and Discoures in the Construction of Identities, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008

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