Dr Tom Hall

Tom Hall

BA, MA, DPhil

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader, Creative Music Technology

Helmore 244

Email: tom.hall@anglia.ac.uk

Telephone: 0845 196 2065
International: +44 1223 698 065

Tom Hall's research activity

Tom Hall is a Cambridge-based Australian composer, musicologist and performer. As a composer and performer, he has an interest in algorithmic, collaborative and semi-improvisatory processes usually involving both computers and human performers.

With a background in classical music composition and analysis, Tom's research interests in these areas include relations between representations and elements of musical text, including the application of pitch-class and post-tonal theory to 'computer-aided composition'. He is a practitioner of the open-source real-time audio synthesis software SuperCollider, using it in both his research and teaching.

Tom's musicological and music analytical research includes writings on Morton Feldman's notational practices and the music of Graham Hair. Current projects include work on early tape, electronic and computer music. Other research and teaching interests include site-specific and immersive sound practices, and radiophonic work including Hörspiel.

His music has been performed throughout the United Kingdom, mainland Europe and Australia. He is a graduate of the University of Sussex (DPhil), where he studied composition with Martin Butler, and La Trobe University (MA), Melbourne, where he studied with Keith Humble and John McCaughey.

He is co-founder of Anglia Ruskin's Digital Performance Laboratory.

Tom is interested in supervising in the areas of:

  • electronic and algorithmic music
  • computer-aided composition
  • pitch-class approaches to post-tonal tonality
  • the music of Morton Feldman
  • immersive sound art and Hörspiel

Personal website: www.ludions.com

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