Dr Richard Hoadley

Dr Richard Hoadley

PhD (Dunelm)

Senior Lecturer, Music & Creative Music Technology;
Learning and Teaching Advisor

Helmore 244

Email: richard.hoadley@anglia.ac.uk

Telephone: 0845 196 2318
International: +44 1223 698 318

Richard Hoadley's research activity page

A graduate of the universities of Bristol and Durham (where he gained a PhD in Composition), Richard Hoadley was subsequently awarded the Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust Composer-in-Residency at Charterhouse School. Instrumental compositions include Only Connect (1988), for the BBC Symphony Orchestra, broadcast on BBC Radio 3's Music in our Time, In Principio (1989) performed by the BBC Singers at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Three Pieces for Two Pianos (1992).

As a composer he has in recent years focused in particular on the investigation of the use of technology, generative procedures and the effect of embodiment and the musical instrument itself on the creative musical process. He has developed a number of hardware and software interfaces using a variety of platforms. The Metapiano (2011) and Gaggle (2009) are sculptural interfaces utilising touch and ultrasonic sensors designed for use with software developed in the SuperCollider audio environment and used mainly for performance and improvisation, in particular with dancers. The Touching Sound project involves investigating the use of these technologies in therapeutic environments. Recently he has begun to implement live generation of musical notation in the algorithmic and physical environments, an example being 'Calder's Violin'.

He now primarily works with SuperCollider software and Arduino and Teabox hardware. Recent compositions and projects include One Hundred and Twenty Seven Haiku (2009) and a version including custom hardware interfaces: One Hundred and Twenty Eight Haiku (2010).

In addition, he has published and presented many papers concerning issues arising from this work, including at the International Computer Music Conference and International Symposium for Electronic Arts (2011). A full list can be found on his research activity page.

He is a founder member of the Digital Performance Laboratory.

He supervises research in the areas of:
  • Algorithmic composition and software development
  • Human Computer Interface development in music

Personal website: www.rhoadley.net

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