Continuing professional development and short courses

Within our faculty we offer a range of innovative and exciting continuing professional development (CPD) modules and workshops to benefit your professional development and help achieve your career goals. Our entire CPD portfolio is in line with current practice and delivered by a team of professionals.

All of our health and social care courses embrace the NHS values (Department of Health, 2013). Developed by patients, public and NHS staff, the NHS values (working together for patients, respect and dignity, commitment to quality of care, compassion, improving lives and everyone counts) underpin our teaching and aspiration to share knowledge and understanding.

Ongoing development needs are moving rapidly with the times for newly qualified and more established teachers, professional practitioners, and lecturers. There are increasing demands for tailored Masters degrees in education, and learning and teaching, PhD and professional doctorate studies.

Our Department of Education offers a wide range of courses for professionals in early years education and other professionals in work-based contexts. New, exciting courses include the MA Early Childhood Education and the MA Early Years Professional Practice.

Bespoke training

We can tailor many of our modules and workshops to meet specific needs, providing completely bespoke training solutions for organisations either on site or at a venue of your choice.

Catherine Lee

Mid Essex Hospital NHS Trust

At Mid Essex Hospital NHS Trust, we encourage our staff to listen to our patients, to challenge the status quo, and to lead compassionate care delivery. We know that can require courageous leadership decisions and so in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University we have designed bespoke sessions to support our staff to deliver leadership in action.

Facilitated sessions have led to our staff making changes to improve the patient experience, and for our patients this means their voice is being heard. Staff who have benefited from the courses have described their learning as inspirational, excellent and motivating. We are working with our educational partners at the university constantly to evaluate and respond to the national changes such as the recommendations set out in the Francis report. Leadership is key in delivering our aim of putting our patients first and foremost, and Anglia Ruskin University are helping us to achieve this.

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Course Title Location(s)    
Adult Acute Care Level 6 Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Adult Acute Care Level 7 Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Adult Dysphagia Training for Healthcare Professionals Chelmsford
Advanced Communication Skills St Helena Hospice
Advanced Non-Medical Prescribing (V300) Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Advanced Skills in Clinical Assessment Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Advancing Professional Decision Making Cambridge, Chelmsford
An Introduction to Investigation and Risk Management within Primary Care using Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
An Introduction to Working Systemically with Individuals, Couples and Families Huntingdon
Antenatal and Newborn Screening Distance Learning
Assessing and Managing Risk Cambridge, Chelmsford
Assessment of Physical Health Skills in Children and Young People
Becoming a Professionally Capable Practitioner (ASYE) Cambridge, Chelmsford
Cardiac Arrhythmias: Analysis, Interpretation and Management Cambridge, Chelmsford, Distance Learning
Cardiac Care Level 6 Cambridge, Chelmsford, Papworth Hospital
Cardiac Care Level 7 Cambridge, Chelmsford
Cardiac Rehabilitation Level 6 Chelmsford
Cardiac Rehabilitation Level 7 Chelmsford
Care of the Patient Undergoing Anaesthesia Cambridge, Chelmsford
Caring for People with Dementia Cambridge, Chelmsford
Caring for People with Dementia: A Person-centred Approach Clacton, Colchester
Catheterisation Process Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Cervical Screening Update Chelmsford
Cervical Screening: Preparation for Practice Chelmsford
Children and Bereavement St Helena Hospice
Clinical Assessment Skills for Health Professionals Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Clinical Awareness for Healthcare Support Workers Cambridge, Peterborough (Guild House)
Clinical Supervision Workshop Chelmsford
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - 3 Day Introductory Workshop Chelmsford
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - 3-Day Advanced Workshop Chelmsford
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 3 Day Intermediate Workshop Chelmsford
Community Formulary Prescribing Module (V150) Chelmsford
Community Formulary Prescribing Update (V150/V100)
Community Practitioner Nurse Prescribing (V100) Level 6 Cambridge, Chelmsford
Community Practitioner Nurse Prescribing (V100) Level 7 Cambridge, Chelmsford
Continence Management Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Contraception and Sexual Health Update (full day) Cambridge, Chelmsford
Critical Care Cambridge, Chelmsford
Critical Policy Review Chelmsford
Decontamination of Flexible Endoscopes - Credited Distance Learning
Decontamination of Reusable Invasive Medical Devices - Credited Distance Learning
Delivering Compassion: Spiritual Care of the Person St Helena Hospice
Delivering Customer Care and Dignity in Health Care Settings Chelmsford
Dementia Syndrome Identification in the Care Home Population
Drills & Skills for One-to-One Midwives Chelmsford
Educational Leadership for Professional Practice
Educational Practice for Professional Learning for NMC Registrants Cambridge
Emergency Care Level 6 Chelmsford
Emergency Care Level 7 Chelmsford
Enabling Leadership in Healthcare Cambridge
Enhanced Assessment in Mental Health Distance Learning
Enhanced Physical Care Skills for Mental Health Practice Cambridge, Chelmsford
Enhancing Neonatal Practice Cambridge
Evidence-Based Interventions in Mental Health Distance Learning
Facing Death, Patients, Families and Professionals St Helena Hospice
Family Planning Appreciation Cambridge, Chelmsford
Family Planning Update
Foundations in Burns and Plastic Surgery Care Chelmsford
Fundamentals of Practice Nursing Cambridge
Global Leadership Cambridge, Chelmsford, Distance Learning
Having Tricky Conversations Chelmsford
High Dependency and Intensive Care of the Newborn Cambridge, Chelmsford
High Dependency Care of the Acutely Ill Child Cambridge, Chelmsford
Holistic Assessment Skills for Community Practitioners Cambridge, Chelmsford
ILS Instructor Course (ILSi) Chelmsford
Immunisation & Vaccination - Full Day Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Immunisation and Vaccination Update (half day) Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Independent and Supplementary Prescribing Update (V300)
Intensive Care Nursing of the Critically Ill Child Cambridge
Interprofessional Safeguarding Study Day Peterborough (Guild House)
Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Injection Administration (DEPOT)
Introduction to Palliative and End of Life Care St Helena Hospice
Law and Ethics in Health and Social Care Level 6 Cambridge
Law and Ethics in Health and Social Care Level 7 Cambridge
Leadership and Management in the Community Chelmsford
Leadership Practice in Health & Social Care Cambridge, Chelmsford
Learning Disability Workshop
Major Project 60 credits (Level 7 Compulsory Degree Module) Cambridge
Management of Individuals with Long Term Medical Conditions Chelmsford
Management of the Person with Diabetes Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Mentorship Preparation (15 Credits) Basildon, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Colchester, Harlow, Peterborough (Guild House)
Mentorship Preparation (30 credits) Basildon, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Colchester, Harlow, Peterborough (Guild House)
Mentorship Preparation (no credit) Basildon, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Colchester, Harlow, Peterborough (Guild House)
Mentorship Preparation (Work-Based Approach) Basildon, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Colchester, Harlow, Work-Based Learning
Minor Illness: Clinical Assessment and Safe Management workshop Chelmsford
Motivational Interviewing Chelmsford
Newborn and Infant Physical Examination (NIPE) Cambridge, Chelmsford
Newborn Life Support (NLS) Chelmsford
Non-Medical and Community Nurse Prescribing Update (V300, V150, V100) Chelmsford
Non-Medical Prescribing (V300) Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Nutrition Assessment and Management Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Pain & Symptom Management in Palliative Care St Helena Hospice
Pain Management Chelmsford
Perioperative Advances in Safe and Effective Patient Care Cambridge, Chelmsford
Person Centred Values and Dignity in Health & Social Care Settings
Post Anaesthetic and Acute Care Chelmsford
Practice Education and Supervision in Social Work Cambridge, Chelmsford
Practice in Contraception and Reproductive Sexual Health Chelmsford
Principles and Practices of Anaesthesia Cambridge, Chelmsford
Principles of Orthopaedic Care Cambridge
Principles of Palliative Care St Helena Hospice
Principles of Respiratory and Thoracic Care Cambridge
Promotion of Continence and Management of Incontinence
Record Keeping Workshop
Reminiscence Work
Research Methodology, Design and Process Cambridge, Chelmsford
Research Methodology, Design and Process (For Palliative Care Students) Colchester
Research Studies Cambridge, Chelmsford
Return to Professional Practice Cambridge, Chelmsford
Revalidation Workshop Chelmsford
Root Cause Analysis - Skills and Knowledge Acquisition Chelmsford
Rotherham Ear Care study day Chelmsford
Safe Transfer and Retrieval (STaR) Provider Course Chelmsford
Safeguarding Children and Young People Cambridge
Solution Focused Brief Therapy Chelmsford
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Workshop Chelmsford
Special and Transitional Care of the Newborn Cambridge, Chelmsford
Specialist Clinical Practice in Palliative Care St Helena Hospice
Spirometry in Practice Introduction Chelmsford
Spirometry in Practice Refresher Chelmsford
Substance Misusing Parents Distance Learning
Supporting Learning in the Clinical Environment (SLICE)
Surgical First Assistant Chelmsford
Symptom Management in Palliative Care St Helena Hospice
Systemic Approaches to Mental Health Care (A Practical Introduction) Chelmsford
Systemic Practice in Applied Social Work Cambridge
The Care and Management of Haematology Patients Cambridge, Chelmsford
Undergraduate Major Project Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Understanding Cancer Treatment Modalities Cambridge, Chelmsford
Understanding Contraception and Reproductive Sexual Health Cambridge, Chelmsford
Understanding Diabetes Workshop Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough (Guild House)
Working With Others Effectively - Practical Leadership and Tricky Conversations Colchester
Working with People who have Dementia
Working with People who Hear Voices and Working with "Psychosis"
Working with People with a Personality Disorder Chelmsford
Wound Management Cambridge, Chelmsford
Wound Management Workshop Cambridge
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