Our Faculty provides a creative and energetic environment for undertaking research that addresses real issues across the full spectrum of health, social care and education. Research in the Faculty unites academics, researchers, postgraduate students, research users and service users in a shared community of enquiry.

The Faculty's reputation for undertaking high-quality, meaningful and timely research continues to grow. We are committed to high standards of scholarship and research to offer our students opportunities to be taught by, and undertake research with, scholars who are at the forefront of developments in their disciplines.

Researchers in the Faculty are involved in multiple collaborations with local, national and international agencies in the statutory and voluntary sectors. There are a number of international collaborations with partners for example in Israel, Ukraine, Canada, the United States of America, South Africa, Rwanda, Bulgaria and elsewhere.

Faculty researchers have also developed considerable experience and a growing reputation in the use of multiple research methods, including participatory inquiry, mixed methods and collaboration with service users. With regard to the latter we have developed considerable expertise in involving service users (especially children, young people and older people) as researchers.

We specialise in delivering near-market, translational research in partnership with health service providers and educators. Working with all groups of healthcare workers and teachers, our professors coordinate and support research across five themes.
  • Fundamental Discovery Science
  • Proof of Concept - Experimental Healthcare and Education
  • Research into Practice
  • Outcomes and Population Science
  • Clinical Trials Medicine
We have particular expertise in nursing and midwifery research, health services research, social health and wellbeing, and critical education.


Research is situated in our research institute:

  • Veterans and Families Institute (VFI).

And in the Faculty in the following areas:

RAE 2008

90% of research submitted to UOA (Unit of Assessment) 40 - Social Work and Social Policy & Administration - and 55% submitted to UOA 12 - Allied Health Professions and Studies - was judged to be of international quality in terms of originality, significance and rigour, when the national Research Assessment Exercise 2008 results were released in December 2008.

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