You said, we did

You said We did
Midwifery students said they wanted more practical skills sessions. In 2013 we provided ad hoc skills sessions in Fulbourn and Chelmsford. This year we are providing regular skills workshops on all three campuses.
Midwifery students said that PowerPoint was over-used in theory sessions. All team members have been advised to incorporate a variety of teaching methods in accordance with the University?s statement on Components of Good Teaching Practice.
Midwifery students wanted extra academic time for those who require additional support. All teachers have 'student availability' times on their calendars so they are available to see students who need additional support.
Midwifery students asked to have easier contact with a tutor. 1) All teachers have 'student availability' times on their calendars so they are available to see students. 2) There is an on-call rota for Fulbourn and Chelmsford. 3) All students have the LME's mobile phone number. 4) All students have the Course Leader's mobile phone number.
Midwifery students wanted more opportunities for Fulbourn students to mix with those on other campuses. Transport for Fulbourn students to attend study days in Chelmsford has been arranged.
Midwifery students asked for advance information about placements. A block planner is now in place and the placements are fixed at the start of the course for each group.
Midwifery students wanted more lecturers for the number of students. We have recruited five new team members in 2013 to provide variety in the teaching.
Midwifery students asked for more consistency in marking. We have put in place module marking teams and use cross-moderation of papers to ensure consistency of marking across both sites
Adult Nursing students said they would like better assessment feedback. We set up feedback workshops for tutors and produced the Aiming Higher document to guide students on how to use their assessment feedback.
Peterborough students said they would like to graduate in Peterborough. The graduation ceremony for 2013 Peterborough student will be held at Peterborough Cathedral.
We would like more water dispensers. We are providing additional water refills by each dispenser every day.
Peterborough students said they would like healthy foods in the vending machines. We have arranged for Angie's Cafe to supply the vending machine with fruit, salads, pasta and wholemeal bread. Jacket potatoes, panini and soup are now also available.
We want somewhere undercover to smoke. We have investigated costs and are looking into providing a smoking shelter.
We need improved mid morning access to toilets. We have changed the cleaning rota times for toilets ensuring they are available during mid morning breaks.
We want more access to computers and printers. We have provided additional access to computers and printers within the training room.
We are unhappy with the service provided by the current uniform suppliers. We have investigated and found a new uniform supplier.
We are unhappy with services provided by our occupational health provider. We have agreed a system between us and the provider to improve delivery of occupational health services, including closer monitoring of their service with regular reviews and action plans to make improvements where necessary.
The lecture theatres are small. We improved our facilities with new 450 and 250 seat lecture theatres.
It takes too long to get my assessment feedback from lecturers. Grademark - which allows students to submit text based assignments and access their feedback from any online facility - is being rolled out across our faculty. Dr James Trueman is offering all our students support with this initiative, details have been widely published to all students.
It is expensive to print my assignments and to travel to university to hand in. Could I email them? We have introduced electronic student assignment submission to get rid of print and traveling costs.
We want affordable parking at Guild House, Peterborough. We agreed reduced parking fees for all students.
Midwifery students said they would like more opportunity to practice emergency objective structural clinical examination (OSCEs) with the appropriate skills equipment. We have provided students with the facilities to book the midwifery skills labs and the equipment have been made available for them to practice with prior to assessment.
We are concerned with support when a tutor is off sick. We have developed a process to insure students have immediate support and back up if this occurs. A template/ rota is in place covering for academic colleague absence.
We would like to be on the main Cambridge campus. We are building new facilities at our East Road campus (Young Street) that will accommodate all academics and students based at our Fulbourn campus. Architect plans and designs will be displayed locally.
We want more skills training before going into practice. For pre-registration courses, there is now a 3 months block of skills training prior to commencing practice placement.
We want more access to library facilities in Peterborough. Library times have now been extended.
We want more library space and computers in Chelmsford. The Chelmsford library has undergone significant development which has included additional computers, quiet zones and open spaces.
International students asked for more awareness of their cultural needs. In house / refresher training is available to all colleagues who support international students.
We want to tap in within classrooms prior to morning classes commencing. We arranged for all classrooms to be opened earlier at Victoria House.
Fulbourn students want increased social links with the East Road Campus. We met with the Student Union to identify shared early evening sessions that can be undertaken at Victoria House these are being costed.
We want additional access to ebook texts for reading lists in modules. We forwarded details of identified texts for specified modules to library staff.

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