Forensic Science

Forensic science students
Forensic Science is the study and application of scientific disciplines and techniques that may be used to produce evidence acceptable in a court of law.

The subject has been taught at the Cambridge campus of Anglia Ruskin University since 1998, and continued growth and investment has ensured that we are able to offer a range of courses which accurately reflect the needs of our students and the current market. Moreover, all of our programmes are taught by a team of dedicated and experienced staff.

More information about all our undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities, including those designed for practitioners, can be found on our courses page.

Why study Forensic Science?

The application of science to matters of law is a fascinating field. From the scene of crime to the courtroom, it is a complex mixture of planning, problem solving, practical application, and verbal and written communication.

You may find yourself working in areas of trace analysis, through to working with kilos of material. You might be working at a scene, or in the laboratory, or collecting or analysing DNA, drugs, explosives, fire debris, glass, paint or fibres (to name just a few). You will develop analytical skills, an enquiring mind, and find yourself asking ever more demanding questions. Forensic Science is an expanding area and one in which you can make a positive contribution. Anglia Ruskin is a member of the Forensic Science Society which you can join as a student member while you study with us.

A forensic science degree will allow you to choose from a wide variety of career opportunities and Anglia Ruskin University offers an exciting programme of study which could lead to a bright future.

forensic science students

Professional Body Accreditation

Our BSc (Hons) Forensic Science and MSc Forensic Science are accredited by The Forensic Science Society.

Open Day

For a chance to meet our team and gain a further insight into what our courses entail, please join us at our next Open Day.


What our students say.....

Natasha Botterill

2nd year BSc (Hons) Forensic Science student

I chose to study at Anglia Ruskin because it is one of the best universities in the country that teach forensic science and it was highly recommended. The course is very practical which makes learning more interesting. Last year I loved the fire practical and riot training session. I can't speak highly enough of how approachable and knowledgeable all the lecturing staff are. I would recommend this course to others, its very interesting and provides a good grounding for a future career in forensic science.

The Forensic Science Society that is run by the SU was a great pillar of strength during my first year at university. It helped me integrate both socially and academically. The members are wonderful and have become good friends of mine.

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