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Dr Rachel Cook

Since our Department was established in Cambridge in 1998 we have developed a strong reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

We're passionate about the advancement of knowledge: in the Research Assessment Exercise 2008, we were the top-rated psychology department in a 'new' university.

We're determined to support our students in realising their full potential: according to the National Student Survey, 92% of our students are satisfied.

Whether you're just starting your studies in psychology or interested in pursuing doctoral research, we hope that you'll find something to interest and inspire you here.

Dr Rachel Cook
Head of the Department of Psychology


Latest news and research

  • December 2014 - Paper published in Current Biology: "Dynamic tuning of tactile localization to body posture" - Dr Flavia Cardini
  • November 2014 - Dr Jane Aspell and Dr Flavia Cardini awarded 43,600 euros by Bial Foundation for project on maternal brain changes in pregnancy
  • October 2014 - Study in PlosOne shows one's own face does not automatically grab one's attention - Dr Helen Keyes
  • October 2014 - Bilingual children cope better in noisy environments - study published in Bilingualism: Language and Cognition - Dr Roberto Filippi
  • October 2014 - Shared Sensory Experiences Elicit a Remapping of Peripersonal Space - new paper in Neuropsychologia - Flavia Cardini
  • September 2014 - Research project funded by Unilever (£15,000) - Cathrine Jansson-Boyd
  • August 2014 - Effects of compassion focussed therapy on patients with traumatic brain injury - published in Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice - Fiona Ashworth
  • August 2014 - 'Understanding' as a Practical Issue in Sexual Health Education for People With Intellectual Disabilities - paper in Health Psychology - Mick Finlay
  • August 2014 - Emma Kaminskiy awarded £8845 by the ARU Health & Wellbeing Academy
  • July 2014 - Daragh McDermott & Dr Russell Luytt awarded £13,500 by the LGBT Consortium and Trust for London
  • July 2014 - Richard Benjamin Trust funds project on 'Ageing in autism' (£8148) - Dr Steven Stagg
  • June 2014 - New book published - 'Cerca piu' avanti' (Look beyond) Dr Roberto Filippi tells how he changed his career from business to academia and fulfilled his dream to become a psychologist. English version to be published December 2014.
  • May 2014 - New study in International Journal of Psychophysiology on link between physiological responses to stress and trait dominance - Eimear Lee
  • March 2014 - Possible effects of pramipexole on neck muscles in a patient with Parkinson's disease - case study published in Oxford Medical Case Reports - Dr Roberto Filipp
  • March 2014 - New study demonstrates effect of social self-focus on body perception - Dr Flavia Cardini
  • March 2014 - Language problems in autism linked to lack of attention to social interactions - Dr Steven Stagg
  • March 2014 - Dr Russell Luyt and colleagues awarded £20,000 grant by Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development
  • February 2014 - Psychology Masters Dissertation Conference 2014

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