Dr Daragh McDermott, PhD, FHEA

Dr Daragh McDermott

Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Undergraduate Tutor

Location: Coslett 304
Telephone: 0845 196 5104
Email: daragh.mcdermott@anglia.ac.uk


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Personal Profile/Teaching Experience

Research Techniques for Psychology (Year 2)
Social and Developmental Psychology (Year 1) Module Leader
Issues in Developmental and Social Psychology (Year 1) Module Leader

Quantitative Research Methods

Research Interests

Daragh's primary area of research examines prejudice towards sexual (i.e., gay, lesbian & bisexual) and gender (transgender/transsexual) minority men and women.

Daragh is engaged in a variety of research projects that have examined various aspects of sexual minority psychology. His most recent project, conducted in collaboration with Karen Blair (Queens University, Ontario), involved a cross cultural assessment of prejudice towards gay men and lesbian women in four nations of the western world (e.g., Canada, the UK, the US and Ireland).

Daragh's PhD research, which was funded by the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS), involved an assessment of prejudice towards gay men and lesbian women and examined the efficacy of prejudice reduction techniques (e.g., perspective-taking & imagined contact) as a means of promoting positive attitudes towards sexual minorities.

Current ongoing collaborations include: 1) A meta-analytical review of the efficacy of road safety advertising campaigns with Dr. Kiran Sarma and Ms. Rachel Carey (NUI, Galway); 2) An assessment of a classroom based transphobia reduction exercise with Ms. Lorraine McDonagh and Ms. Rachel Carey (NUI Galway); 3) an exploration of the influence of the behavioural inhibition and behavioural activation systems (BIS/BAS) on goal oriented task performance with Dr. Denis O'Hora (NUI, Galway) and; 4) quantitative measurements of Irish university students attitudes towards sex and sexuality with Dr. Vesna Malesevic (NUI, Galway).

In addition, Daragh has been involved in various other collaborative research projects. Firstly in conjunction with Drs Todd and Melanie Morrison of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, Daragh conducted: 1) a meta-analytical examination of the link between LGBT discrimination and its effect on mental health in gay men and lesbian women; 2) an examination the issue of intersectionality with respect to experiences of discrimination among sexual minority individuals and; 3) an assessment the psychometric properties of various measures of prejudice.

Consultancy and other Professional Activity

Sexual Minority Research in the New Millennium (2012).

Ad Hoc Reviewer:
Journal of Social Psychology
Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science
Psychology & Sexuality
Gay and Lesbian Issues & Psychology Review
Journal of Homosexuality


Edited Books

Morrison, T.G., Morrison, M.A., Carrigan, M., & McDermott, D.T. (2012). Sexual Minority Research in the New Millennium. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

McDermott, D. T., & Blair, K. L. (In Press). "What?s it like on your side of the pond?": A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Modern and Old-Fashioned Homonegativity Between North American and European Samples. Psychology and Sexuality.

Morrison, T.G., Harrington, R., & McDermott, D.T. (2010). Bi now, gay later: Implicit and explicit binegativity among Irish university students. Journal of Bisexuality, 10(3), 211 - 232.

Ryan, T. A., Morrison, T. G., & McDermott, D.T. (2010). Body image investment among gay and bisexual men over the age of 40: A test of social comparison theory and threatened masculinity theory. Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review, 6(1), 4 - 20.

Adams, J., Blair, K.L., Borrero-Bracero, N.I., Espin, O.M., Hayfield, N.J., Hegarty, P., Hermann-Green, L., Hsu, M.D., Maurer, 0., Manalastas, E.J., McDermott, D.T. & Shepperd, D. (2010). Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender psychology: An international conversation between researchers. Psychology and Sexuality, 1(1), 75 - 90.

Morrison, T.G., McDermott, D.T. (2009). Scale score reliability and dimensionality of the support for lesbian and gay human rights scale. Journal of Social Psychology, 149, 263 - 266.

Morrison, T.G., Ryan, T.A., Fox, L, & McDermott, D.T. (2008). Canadian University students' perceptions of the practices that constitute "normal" sexuality for men and women. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 17, 161-171.

Book Chapters

McDermott, D.T., Morrison, T.G., McDonagh, L.K. & O'Doherty, A.C.M. (In Press). A test of prejudice reduction towards lesbian women: The effects of imaginary contact on explicit and implicit homonegativity. In Morrison, T.G., Morrison, M.A., McDermott, D.T., & Carrigan, M. (In Press). Sexual minority research in the new millennium. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers. (Note: Submitted for Blind Peer Review).

Custom Publications

McDermott, D.T., (2009). Human Sexuality. Essex: Pearson Education.

Selected Conference Proceedings (Most Recent)

Carey, R., McDermott, D. T., & Sarma, K. (2011). The impact of threat based road safety advertising campaigns on risky driving behaviour: A meta-analysis. Paper presentation at the Annual meeting of the British Psychological Society Social Psychology Section, Cambridge, UK, September, 2011.

Malesevic, V., & McDermott, D. T. (2011). Religion and Sex from Sociological Perspective. Paper presentation at the European Science Foundation conference "Religion, Gender and Human Rights: Challenges for Multicultural and Democratic Societies", Linkoping, Sweden, July, 2011.

McDonagh, L.K., McDermott, D. T., & Morrison, T. G., (2011). Something of a disaster: Conceptualizations of sexual dysfunctions in gay, bi and straight men. Poster presentation at the 20th World Congress for Sexual Health, Glasgow, UK, June 2011.

McDermott, D. T., Carey, R., McDonagh, L.K., & Morrison, T. G., (2011). Reducing transphobia: A classroom based prejudice reduction intervention exercise. Poster presentation at the Annual Convention of the Canadian Psychological Association, Toronto, Ontario, June, 2011.

McDermott, D.T., Morrison, T.G., & Stewart, I. (2011). Reducing modern homonegativity: Does perspective taking help? Poster presentation at the Annual Convention of the Canadian Psychological Association, Toronto, Ontario, June, 2011.

McDermott, D.T. (2010). The use of conversion therapies for sexual minority men and women. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Athlone, Ireland, November, 2010.

McDermott, D.T., McIlroy, C., & Sherlock, L. (2010). Best practice guidelines for transgender issues. Workshop presented at the Annual Conference of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Athlone, Ireland, November, 2010.
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