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In the Faculty of Science & Technology we place great emphasis on equipping our students with the skills, knowledge and experience to make them highly desirable to employers in today's competitive job market.
We're justifiably proud of the fact that 90% of our students enter full-time work or further education within 6 months of graduation, a figure that pays testament both to the quality and industry-relevance of our courses, and to our Faculties' strong links with local, national and global employers. We use these links to organise work experience placements for our students with local and national employers, many of which result in them being offered employment with their placement companies upon graduation.

Below you will find stories and experiences from a selection of our past and present students. Some have achieved great successes as employees within a diverse selection of companies and industries, others have started their own businesses, and some are taking their first steps into employment through one of our work placements.

If you are a company who is interested in taking on one of our students in a work placement you can contact us by email.

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox, Innovation Manager at Skanska Technology

Engineering and Built Environment Postgraduate Student (Graduated 2011)

"I am currently working on a two-year project to develop tools, networks and processes to driver culture transformation and efficiency savings through Skanska and her supply chain. I gained a thorough understanding of the construction industry during my course and in addition the management and leadership modules were particularly relevant and left me well versed to tackle the my new role, which deals with organisational culture change and business strategies used to facilitate change.

The variety of subject matter covered was particularly useful as it was very broad, meaning I didn't need to narrow down my job search when applying for work. There are few courses in the UK covering a broad scope of subjects that all interconnect to cover the area of sustainable construction. The course will offer you more that one specialist direction in terms of career so you don't have to go into this master thinking that you can only go one way - the business module is vital as it opens up many doors into not only construction itself."

Gregg Deness

Gregg Deness, Co-Founder and Managing Diector of Inertia Game Studios

BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Graduated 2003)

"My official job title is Managing Director of Inertia Game Studios, a casual/social games company I co-founded with another computer science graduate directly after completing my degree at Anglia Ruskin. We are based near Ely in Cambridgeshire and currently employ 10 full time staff members. My actual job role has changed dramatically over the 9 years the company has been running. I started out doing much of the programming and all the artwork for our games but since then my role has shifted to more of a managerial role as our team has grown. I am currently in charge of managing our Facebook App development team as well as designing new games.

Even though I started at Anglia Ruskin with some programming knowledge, the time I spent there and the things I learnt were definitely helpful and doubt I would have been able to start my own company without it. Not only did it further the programming knowledge I already had, it also exposed me to many things which I wouldn't have otherwise encountered. Relational database design for example is something which is absolutely essential to what we are doing now with our Facebook games, but it's not something I would have even known about before the course. This applies to many of the modules I studied.

It's not just the studies which were useful - I also had the chance to meet many other students who shared a common interest. I met my future business partner in the first week of being at Anglia Ruskin and now we own a company together 9 years later. It's not just about the things you learn, it's also the people you meet and the experiences you get from it. I really enjoyed meeting people and making friends who shared the same interests. I also enjoyed working on my own projects - I created an open source RPG style game and a Jigsaw game during my second year (which is still selling well today).

It was nice to have the time to experiment and create the things I really wanted to, as I don't really have the chance to do that so much now because of work and family commitments.

I would recommend the computer science course at Anglia Ruskin because it teaches a very broad range of topics, many of which were directly applicable to path I chose. Even though my company develops games, many of the skills required are not specific to games - database design, web programming and Linux administration are examples of skills which have been essential but would not have been taught on a course which focused specifically on game development."

Sam Pack

BSc (Hons) Forensic Science - Extended Degree (Graduated 2012)

''After graduating with a first class degree I immediately started looking for work within the forensic industry as my passion for the subject was still live and I felt I was ready to put what I had learnt into practice. I quickly gained employment with Key forensic services, one of the leading forensic providers in the country as a forensic scientist.

I realised that the skills gained from my course were essential to my employment as I was now using almost all of my knowledge within the workplace. Speaking to other graduates from other forensic science degrees I now appreciate how excellent the quality of the Anglia course is, I have learned skills that others have not and so was a lot more prepared and a more qualified candidate for employers.

Within 6 months of employment at KFS I have gained a promotion into management and m now in charge of a small group of forensic examiners maintaining a high quality of examination and ensuring the integrity of the casework is not compromised. I believe that a large part of my gaining promotion is down to obtaining the relevant skills from my time studying at Anglia and for this I am very thankful and proud.''

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith, Junior Software Developer at Light Speed IT Solutions

BSc (Hons) Computer Gaming Technology

"My job involves designing and developing well constructed databases in SQL Server Management Studio, thinking logically and creatively to help produce solutions for clients, and creating applications using Iron Speed Developer, C# and VB. I am also currently training to become a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.
My time at Anglia Ruskin taught me how to work effectively; both on my own and with a team, which I have found invaluable in the workplace, as there are times where you have to work together to create a successful product. My time management skills from balancing all those different modules have also really come into play in the work place as deadlines for clients have to be met.

The staff from the Universities Employability Services team looked over my CV and gave me pointers to improve my chances of being picked out for an interview, which were greatly appreciated as my CV went down well with employers. They also sent emails about local jobs that may have been of interest and It was through these emails that I found out about my job.

Thanks to Anglia Ruskin I have found my dream job and I'm loving every minute of it!"

Jim Grantham, KTP Finisher/Web Developer

BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Graduated 2012)

"I am the sole developer for a complete web system redevelopment, employed as a KTP finisher after the previous KTP associate left. I've been Employed by Europa Science and University of Hertfordshire to redesign the underlying I.T. systems and the public facing websites for a scientific publishing house. Anglia Ruskin gave me a sense of what happens in the real world, rather than just the faceless academia that employers don't necessarily want. Often from teaching, but more so from casual discussion with many of the lecturers and seminar leaders, you get to touch base with many different parts of computer science. Originally, I was not 100% sure what I would have liked to have done upon graduating. As it turns out, I gained employment in exactly the area I started off enjoying, but user experience, usability and gaming all unexpectedly enriched my learning experience.

Some of the staff go above and beyond and really help out, pushing for guest lecturers and having talks and even workshops with businesses from 'Silicon Fen'."

Ben Eyres, Work placement with Citrix

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

"I worked as a Software Test Engineer designing, analysing and running test cases for Citrix products, ensuring high quality software is released to customers. The placement opportunity was presented to me by one of my lecturers. It came into conversation after discussing some dissertation ideas and future career paths I was interested in.

Anglia's Employability Service helped me prepare my CV for submission, helping me with the layout, presentation and how to make it sound professional. They also helped me prepare for the phone and face to face interview by giving me some mock interviews and providing feedback on my answers.

During my placement I have lead two projects, which have enhanced my planning and organisational skills. Through these projects I have had to give presentations to management, run weekly meetings and write weekly status reports to keep managers up to date on progress. I also analysed software behaviour and broke it down to its core components for test design. When a bug is found we found out how this had happened.

Running multiple projects alongside each other has required a great deal of time management and I have needed to build relationships with people outside my team, from as far away as the USA. Working within a team filled with very different personalities has taught me to appreciate diversity and to learn ways to handle different personalities.

Anglia Ruskin has a very good relationship with local employers within the computing industry. This means the course is constantly evolving and always up to date in supplying its students with the skills desired from employers. Once I have completed my Degree I plan come back and work full-time for Citrix."

Matthew Menzies, Digital Artist at Autonomy

Business Computing Student (Graduated 2011)

"My job involves producing digital content for a augmented reality application called Aurasma over a multitude of media. My main tasks include producing motion graphics, 2D artwork, video editing and sounds design for various projects - ranging from small business promoting their products on the platform, to large companies like o2 and Mercedes Benz - for whom we offer complete 3D models and advanced interactive user experiences through the application.

My time at Anglia Ruskin was a great experience which I won't forget. From the first to last year all of the tutors on my course and the staff at the university made it very easy to get on with my studying and successfully complete my degree. The studios always had the best equipment I could possibly need and the library resources were amazing. The campus always had a friendly vibe and nightlife in the surrounding area was always a good laugh. I'd like to say a special thanks to my awesome tutors for being brilliant and always giving advice when i needed it."

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