Cambridge Game Creators event: 'Enabling Mobile Gaming Developer Community', Thursday 6th December

Cambridge Game Creators Logo
On Thursday 6th December, our Cambridge campus will host the Cambridge Game Creators event 'Enabling Mobile Gaming Developer Community'.

The Cambridge Game Creators is a network of active professional and hobbyist game creators based in and around Cambridge, UK. Within the network creative and technical minds of all disciplines with an interest in interactive graphics, games, or virtual worlds come together to share thoughts, network, and above all have fun.

At this event, which takes place in LAB003, starting at 5pm, Ramin Zaghi, founder of Cambridge Game Creators will introduce the network's activities, followed by a talk from Nizar Romdhane, Head of Ecosystem at the Media Processing Division of ARM Ltd.

Nizar's talk will cover the Mali GPU Ecosystem Programme and how ARM is working with the mobile gaming developer community to educate them on the capabilities of mobile gaming platforms and on the best practices for mobile game development on such devices. Nizar will also cover developer resources including tools and SDKs that ARM makes available to mobile game developers through the Mali Developer Website. The presentation will finish by explaining how mobile game developers can engage with the Mali Ecosystem programme and the rest of the community.

The event is free to attend for Anglia students, and there will also be a free CGC//ARM T-shirt for each attendee!

For more information on the event and Cambridge Game Creators please visit their website.
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