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Anglia Research Centre in Media & Culture

About the Centre

The Anglia Research Centre in Media and Culture (ARCMedia) promotes research in media and culture through the organisation of a number of research projects, research seminars and conferences, and support for collaborative and interdisciplinary encounters. We are dedicated to experimental, theoretical and practical meetings in the interzone between media, cultural theory, film, avant-garde arts and the emerging sciences of network culture.

Research in Media, Culture and Film at Anglia Ruskin has strong resonance with a range of cognate disciplines across the Department of English, Communication, Film and Media, and beyond in the Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Key areas of interest include: network society and culture; digital and network politics and society; popular culture and music; digital art and time-based media; sonic and performance arts; practice-based research; experimental cinema; alternative and radical media. We welcome applications from potential doctoral researchers in any of these areas.

ARCMedia has an international advisory board consisting of some of the most exciting and innovative scholars working in the field.

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