Labour History Unit
The Labour History Research Unit (LHRU) was founded in December 2007 by three historians from the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences: Dr Jonathan Davis, Dr Rohan McWilliam and Professor John Shepherd. Our official launch in March 2008 welcomed Professor Kenneth O Morgan and Dr Jon Lawrence to Anglia Ruskin, and they spoke about various aspects of Labour's past, present and future.

The main aim of the LHRU is to promote fresh approaches to Labour History through seminars, conferences, postgraduate studies and scholarly publications. Since 2008, we have organised events including symposia discussing women and the vote and the impact the events of 1989 had on the European Left, and a conference reappraising the second Labour government, the essays from which were published by Manchester University Press.

In May 2014 we hosted a Labour and the First World War conference, while in November 2012 we hosted the Blue Labour event, featuring papers by Lord Maurice Glasman and Dr Jon Lawrence. We also held an evening of history and politics with Roy Hattersley in 2010, where he talked about Labour'spast, the forthcoming General Election and the need for a return to ideological politics. Videos of this event can now be viewed on our site.

The LHRU welcomes collaborative links with similar bodies in other universities and outside organisations and hopes to become a prominent venue at Anglia Ruskin University for historians and researchers from different disciplines.

In the Research Excellence Framework 2014, our History research was awarded world-leading status.
Banner images left to right:

Keir Hardie, by Henry John Dobson, 1893 (public domain)
The Labour Party Headquarters in Victoria Street, London, by The Lud, 2006 (public domain)
Lenin-Engels-Marx by Norbert Kaiser reused under Creative Commons Sharealike 2.5 license

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