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Amelia Poon Solo Exhibition

4 - 6 April 2011

Amelia Poon completed her Fine Art Honours Degree at the Cambridge School of Art in Summer 2010 and is now pursuing the two-year Master of Fine Art course at the same establishment. Last year, Poon's sculpture work was short listed by Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2010, Threadneedle Prize 2010 and London International Creative Competition 2010. This year, Poon has been selected to exhibit her Bamboo Sculpture in the Assembly House Art Show 2011, Norwich. Her Mobile series and Bricks works have won an Exhibition Slot in Braintree Community Hospital for a six months display until September. Collectors of Poon's work can now be found in UK, USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Panama.

To date, her work has essentially been sculpture. She believes that her art should go beyond 3-D appearance. Poon is continuously exploring new media for expression. This was her first venture into photographic images into her artwork and into filmmaking. Her research on The Art of War inspires and allows her to apply strategy and planning to her work. This exhibition explored her abilities as a filmmaker as well as an installation artist. Due to her bi-cultural background, it is her objective to evolve her mainstream artistic creation into a fusion of the framework of the Eastern and Western cultures. She adheres to her ideology of 'One Peaceful World'.

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