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Reconnaissance Series

Date: 6 - 21 December
Private View: Thursday 9 December, 17.00

Reconnaissance Series is an ongoing search for knowledge. The quest for intellectual advancement through research and exploration, is both the theme and methodology of the work. Contributing artist Mikhak Mirmahmoudi uses cultural norms and traditions, borrowing the visual language of different cultures, to create hybrid responses. These sometimes disparate factors are homogenised and unified by the print medium. The playful nature of the process allows these subjects to be seen in a renewed, fresh way. The result is familiar yet foreign, a position from which new ideas emerge.

Working in series, the artist is guided by the working process, constantly experimenting and reflecting. This interest extends itself into the way in which prints are experienced and how this can be an interactive, physical and more engaging experience; for example by folding the prints, pulling them out of a two-dimensional state into three dimensions.

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