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Press release issued: 1 January 2004

8 July 2015 Community champions receive accolade
3 July 2015 Anglia Ruskin Professor given prestigious medal
2 July 2015 Anglia Ruskin quick to sign up to healthy pledge
1 July 2015 Arabella's now making plans for Venice
1 July 2015 Conservatives fear 'Kendall-Flint quake'
30 June 2015 Gold medal boosts Danny's Olympic hopes
30 June 2015 GSI launches energy and food 'shocks' network
29 June 2015 Pupils have that certain je ne sais quoi
25 June 2015 Sky is the limit for £185k partnership
18 June 2015 Anglia Ruskin illustrators sweep the board!
18 June 2015 'Reclaim Quantitative Easing for common good'
17 June 2015 New course aims to ease pressure on doctors
16 June 2015 Report shows vulnerability of global food system
16 June 2015 Award win puts Georgie's art in 'shop window'
8 June 2015 Academics provide support for Nepal aid effort
8 June 2015 Drop in to find out more about diabetes care
4 June 2015 Inspirational event comes to Chelmsford
4 June 2015 Students in the running for Penguin prize
3 June 2015 New report makes case for building climate resilience
2 June 2015 Mapping the sound of the search for Higgs boson
1 June 2015 Professor helps Russia to help its veterans
28 May 2015 Anglia Ruskin academics head to Cheltenham
27 May 2015 Water experts will pour in to Peterborough
27 May 2015 Thousands of youngsters take advice on board
26 May 2015 Graduate Dan lands V&A Illustration prize
20 May 2015 Ten years of invasion - how the harlequin spread
18 May 2015 Study to discover babies' risk of becoming overweight
14 May 2015 CMI link-up gives business students a boost
14 May 2015 Lack of trust takes sting out of EU measures
13 May 2015 Psychological issues are 'last taboo' in the military
8 May 2015 Student shines in Swiss business competition
8 May 2015 Return to Eden at Anglia Ruskin University
8 May 2015 Professor heads up British Psychological Society
7 May 2015 Student nurse Georgina is card sharp
7 May 2015 Headteacher becomes first Doctorate graduate
1 May 2015 Slick artwork 'commemorates' journalists
1 May 2015 Labour grassroots fancy Vince as coalition partner
30 April 2015 Olympian walks the walk at Anglia Ruskin
24 April 2015 Why juggling family and career pays off
23 April 2015 Timetabling team on schedule for national award
23 April 2015 Food prices can predict riots - new study
22 April 2015 Healthy employees have more sex - new study
21 April 2015 Why the Royals don't go potty for Lotty...
20 April 2015 Fire crews and ambulances descend on campus
17 April 2015 Children's rights made CLEAR by new resources
17 April 2015 Energy efficiency can protect countryside
16 April 2015 Love conquers all with Best Overall Project prize
13 April 2015 Anglia Ruskin psychologists receive £278k research grant
13 April 2015 Maisie wins top honour at Bologna Book Fair
9 April 2015 Anglia Ruskin subsidiary wins big justice contracts
9 April 2015 Art project boosts members' mental health
8 April 2015 Gay and lesbian job seekers face discrimination
1 April 2015 Music video sidesteps sexist stereotypes
30 March 2015 Anglia Ruskin research funding is doubled
27 March 2015 Professor to advise NHS on mental health plan
27 March 2015 Anglia Ruskin part of new £6m CUSP project
25 March 2015 Cambridge tests for Marathon des Sables runners
25 March 2015 More than 1,000 have fun at UniFest
25 March 2015 Animals 'predict' earthquakes - new study
24 March 2015 Hopster proves a hit in university test
23 March 2015 Low interest rates are set to last
18 March 2015 Students and staff up for national awards
17 March 2015 Chelmsford students show their strength
16 March 2015 Bid by Entrepreneurial University of the Year wins £71,000 Government grant
13 March 2015 Will the environmental vote swing it?
9 March 2015 Push your boundaries at UniFest
6 March 2015 Bishop's praise for Anglia Ruskin research
5 March 2015 Domestic and sexual violence survivors express themselves
5 March 2015 Study examines forced migrants' response to adversity
4 March 2015 Hannah's work puts women in the picture
4 March 2015 Nearly 100 staff and students to take on city race
3 March 2015 Top illustrators get chance to shine
2 March 2015 Anglia Ruskin glides up green league table
25 February 2015 Decorated humanitarian to speak in Cambridge
24 February 2015 Self-control is key to starting a business
24 February 2015 Anglia Ruskin athletes' great eight
23 February 2015 London 2012 survey gives businesses a voice
20 February 2015 UniFest offers a free taste of the higher life
20 February 2015 Soil erosion issues laid bare at Anglia Ruskin
19 February 2015 Asperger's student leads female autism study
19 February 2015 Lose the labels in climate change debate
16 February 2015 Institute tells the world about veterans' issues
16 February 2015 Anglia Ruskin graduates up for top honour
13 February 2015 Tuesdays are tasty at Anglia Ruskin
12 February 2015 Vice Chancellor to lead classical concert
12 February 2015 Two new Board members join Anglia Ruskin
11 February 2015 Ennis-Hill's coach to speak at Anglia Ruskin
10 February 2015 Chinese New Year spectacular in Chelmsford
9 February 2015 Report proposes new 'sexual violence courts'
9 February 2015 New Finance Society is just the business!
9 February 2015 Anglia Ruskin helps pupils keep Eyes on the Prize
6 February 2015 Green tea could aid weight loss - new study
6 February 2015 See the light at e-Luminate festival
6 February 2015 Professor to keep Anglia Ruskin in good health
30 January 2015 Beer goggles show how we pick our pint
30 January 2015 Youngsters in tune for public art project
29 January 2015 New research project makes sound sense
28 January 2015 Study shows health impact of financial crisis
27 January 2015 Policy makers need short-term solutions
26 January 2015 Sustainability work showcased at Davos
23 January 2015 Research group to make strides in patient care
23 January 2015 Research detects PTSD 3,000 years ago
23 January 2015 University support helps Posh Gecko grow
20 January 2015 Pickles proves his medical prowess
20 January 2015 New film to raise awareness of cancer screening
15 January 2015 No place like home for Cambridge academics
15 January 2015 Young filmmakers picked for BBC show
13 January 2015 Chimpanzees follow the leader - new study
13 January 2015 Anglia Ruskin to lead Cambridgeshire network
12 January 2015 Anglia Ruskin appoints new Chair and Deputy
9 January 2015 Anglia Ruskin sticks together with hockey stars
9 January 2015 New network for young people in Essex
6 January 2015 Anglia Ruskin receives £5m funding boost
23 December 2014 Gays and lesbians in Athens have lower job satisfaction
22 December 2014 Project forms part of Government veterans review
22 December 2014 Why stars can leave West End audiences cold
19 December 2014 Room for climate change fund to improve
18 December 2014 Anglia Ruskin research recognised for its great impact
17 December 2014 UK deaths from Alzheimer's up by 52%
17 December 2014 Professor Packham heads Business School
16 December 2014 Gays and lesbians face bias worldwide
11 December 2014 Research into falls wins prize for vision team
10 December 2014 Research shows effects of R&D spillovers
8 December 2014 'Crash course' for Anglia Ruskin students
5 December 2014 New Bloomberg Lab provides City experience
4 December 2014 App will boost dementia sufferers' quality of life
3 December 2014 Graduates feature in major London exhibition
28 November 2014 We're Entrepreneurial University of the Year
27 November 2014 Motorists may fail new EU standards
27 November 2014 Criminology talk promises to be a Cracker
26 November 2014 Doors open to paramedics of the future
26 November 2014 Hub will become home of veterans' research
25 November 2014 Students overthrow competition at tournament
24 November 2014 Quarry transformed into haven for insect life
21 November 2014 Families of limb loss victims must get support they deserve
19 November 2014 Global eyesight study wins research prize
18 November 2014 Guinevere's debut novel is snapped up
14 November 2014 A century of droughts, floods and crop failures
14 November 2014 Vice Chancellor to conduct Cathedral concert
11 November 2014 Key Labour councillors are backing Ed
6 November 2014 Leadership skills void a big concern for public sector
4 November 2014 Sexual abuse - tackling the difficult questions
31 October 2014 Optometry experts have eyes on the prize!
30 October 2014 Improving practices rather than proving dough
29 October 2014 Anglia Ruskin Professor to edit new online journal
28 October 2014 Working with the Humanitarian Centre to tackle aspects of global poverty
28 October 2014 New service launched at University Eye Clinic
28 October 2014 Anglia Ruskin alumna wins major poetry award
27 October 2014 Anglia Ruskin celebrates Mission Accomplished
24 October 2014 Study shows financial benefits of wetland
24 October 2014 The sky's the limit for RAF medical students
24 October 2014 Report demands an end to 'acceptable racism'
23 October 2014 Do you notice yourself in your selfie?
22 October 2014 Anglia Ruskin professor to lead innovation for NHS
22 October 2014 Holiday fun at the Mumford Theatre
21 October 2014 Tecwyn hopes to put rivals to the sword
17 October 2014 Conference examines Labour's wilderness years
16 October 2014 Tuck in to a feast of ideas in Cambridge
15 October 2014 Chelmsford events promise to get you thinking
14 October 2014 Online resource maps worldwide vision trends
14 October 2014 Bilingual pupils cope better in noisy environments
13 October 2014 Invasive ladybirds are really city slickers
10 October 2014 Solve the puzzles to discover green treasure!
8 October 2014 Honoraries to join in with Cambridge celebrations
6 October 2014 Alumnus Daniel to have his 'great day out'
3 October 2014 Get clued up by browsing Human Library
2 October 2014 Green politician questions 'myth' of progress
1 October 2014 Study shows how chimpanzees share skills
30 September 2014 Conflict takes centre stage this autumn
29 September 2014 Anglia Ruskin lecturer honoured in Sri Lanka
25 September 2014 IPCC reports must be inclusive and accessible
24 September 2014 Honoraries to join in with Chelmsford graduation celebrations
23 September 2014 Climate change could increase threat of unrest in India
22 September 2014 Rob receives prestigious student honour
19 September 2014 Fantasy honour for Anglia Ruskin expert
17 September 2014 Ramona's delight at £20k Woon award
16 September 2014 Secret millionaire Mike to receive honorary degree
15 September 2014 It's a fact: Farndon is Royal Literary Fellow
12 September 2014 Efficiency grants scheme doubles in size
12 September 2014 New scheme unveiled for 'one-stop shop' on veterans' research
5 September 2014 Turning the Corner from ice buckets and selfies
5 September 2014 University praised for its entrepreneurial spirit
2 September 2014 Roadshow aims to inspire budding entrepreneurs
29 August 2014 Institute goes fishing for answers on mental health
28 August 2014 Students say Gianna has the WOW factor
28 August 2014 Exhibition provides Platform for success
26 August 2014 Charity bike riders remember Anglia Ruskin student
21 August 2014 Institute sets up help for front line Ukrainians
21 August 2014 Helping tech experts shape the digital future
20 August 2014 Saudi visitors carry out medical examination
13 August 2014 Students praise teaching and courses
12 August 2014 Research will discover if we're crazy for Klingon
12 August 2014 Students study real business - and real ale
8 August 2014 Talk through your options at our clearing centres
5 August 2014 Gays and lesbians face CV bias - study
31 July 2014 Sci-fi gets serious at London's ExCeL this summer!
30 July 2014 Degree will provide solid foundations
28 July 2014 Gold shows Judoka Danny has recipe for success
28 July 2014 Honour for long-serving music therapist
24 July 2014 War poetry given female voice for new app
22 July 2014 Railway policy could be just the ticket for Ed
21 July 2014 Danny is prepared to floor the competition
17 July 2014 Education is inclusive at Anglia Ruskin
17 July 2014 How to help your ears survive festival season
10 July 2014 New University Centre for King's Lynn
9 July 2014 Why it's personal for climate change scientists
9 July 2014 Fish follow friends to find new food sources
7 July 2014 Thousands party on the Piece for Big Weekend
26 June 2014 Rise in fibre intake can tackle type 2 diabetes
24 June 2014 Harlequins eat native insects in the wild
24 June 2014 Youngsters get a buzz from languages
23 June 2014 Lottery grant gives a sporting chance to students
23 June 2014 Angharad's grand design impresses judges
23 June 2014 Budding coaches seize online opportunity
20 June 2014 Partners aiming to find a smarter way to care
19 June 2014 Rising star Ramona is a plaster master!
18 June 2014 One in five people unhappy at work
18 June 2014 Stunning self-portrait puts schoolboy in spotlight
13 June 2014 Anglia Ruskin link will inspire young people
12 June 2014 First Impressions count at Degree Show
12 June 2014 Fellowship awarded to innovative lecturer
11 June 2014 Students and staff make warm gesture
10 June 2014 Secret of the black squirrel is revealed
5 June 2014 Who will star in Time Lord adventure?
4 June 2014 Matt makes his mark with animation short
3 June 2014 Anglia Ruskin lecturer nominated for national award
30 May 2014 Major Macmillan honour for talented Bethan
29 May 2014 Quench your thirst for knowledge
28 May 2014 New innovation centre to nurture small firms
28 May 2014 New study shows benefits of music therapy
28 May 2014 Events to inspire Cambridgeshire communities
27 May 2014 Anglia Ruskin backs Transatlantic Business Forum
21 May 2014 So near, yet so far for NEETs
20 May 2014 Study shows physical demands of one-day cricket
19 May 2014 Anglia Ruskin staff give something back
15 May 2014 Energy crisis looms for UK, France and Italy
14 May 2014 Angharad hopes to pick up a Penguin Prize
13 May 2014 Student helps guide reformed group to success
9 May 2014 Anglia Ruskin professor to lead UK psychologists
9 May 2014 There's Gnome mistake in Big Pitch final
7 May 2014 Dummies guide questions 'Blackadder bias'
6 May 2014 World premiere of great Scott's work
30 April 2014 Will Bitcoin hit the big time in 2014?
29 April 2014 BAFTA winner gets teeth into new project
28 April 2014 New network aims to build a sustainable future
25 April 2014 UK youth don't understand the EU - survey
23 April 2014 Support staff nominated for national awards
22 April 2014 Small firms to reap rewards for going green
22 April 2014 World's largest equine surfaces study published
17 April 2014 'Visionary' institute 'will strengthen our forces'
16 April 2014 Anglia Ruskin wins €463,000 healthy ageing grant
14 April 2014 A new perspective on the First World War
8 April 2014 New 3D model to help osteoarthritis patients
4 April 2014 The complex world of trains, cranes and drains
3 April 2014 Anglia Ruskin provides millions for local cities
2 April 2014 Learn on the job with ambulance trust
2 April 2014 Big collection focusing on Small Island author
28 March 2014 'Rage against the machines' scoops major prize
28 March 2014 New research to test viability of album apps
28 March 2014 Institute is first of its kind in the country
27 March 2014 'Arab League and EU must lead future peace talks'
27 March 2014 Striking a balance between flexibility and security
26 March 2014 Annexing of Crimea is unlawful, says ex-Archbishop
25 March 2014 Global blindness plummets in 20 years
20 March 2014 Crimea crisis could trigger new global conflicts
19 March 2014 Trial fuels diabetic's remarkable improvement
19 March 2014 Former Archbishop to speak on ethics of war
18 March 2014 Wetter winters may increase river pollution
17 March 2014 Charity chiefs sharpen up their skills
14 March 2014 UniFest is an exciting day of discovery on your doorstep
14 March 2014 Christopher Jefferies to deliver public lecture
12 March 2014 Breathtaking science images go on show
11 March 2014 It's all work, work, work for Anglia Ruskin students!
11 March 2014 Five-point plan to reduce flood risk in Essex
7 March 2014 Anglia Ruskin lecturer publishes pro-localism proposals
4 March 2014 Tan to take a walk on the wild side
4 March 2014 Families have a fascinating day out at UniFest
3 March 2014 Launch of Centre of Excellence in Public Health
28 February 2014 Student nurse wins national award
27 February 2014 Ex-Defence Secretary to discuss global security
26 February 2014 Benns spills the beans about film industry
21 February 2014 Students gear up for charity fashion show
21 February 2014 Business leader joins university Board of Governors
19 February 2014 Opening young minds to creative career possibilities
19 February 2014 Bones expert Ben hosts show on BBC Four
18 February 2014 Anglia Ruskin has a sporting chance at student championships
17 February 2014 Music man James is in the Zimmer frame
10 February 2014 EU project aims to revolutionise oil extraction
31 January 2014 Rum do as rat collared on Scots isle
28 January 2014 Nursing and midwifery students shortlisted for awards
24 January 2014 Greater Peterborough UTC gets green light
23 January 2014 A dangerous way to cure a winter cold?
22 January 2014 St Neots students win £1,000 business prize
15 January 2014 Local businesses receive CEDAR windfall
13 January 2014 Research to help safeguard children at risk
8 January 2014 Exciting Mary Shelley discovery in Essex
23 December 2013 How verdicts are affected by pre-trial attitudes
17 December 2013 West not best when it comes to leadership
12 December 2013 Ground-breaking ceremony for Sir Charles Kao UTC
10 December 2013 Book reissue is 'depressing' news, says Professor
4 December 2013 New Anglia LEP launches Skills Manifesto
2 December 2013 Dr Peter Allen honoured for research excellence
28 November 2013 A new art exhibition about nothing!
27 November 2013 Appeal to find families of war heroes
26 November 2013 Are children aware of their human rights?
26 November 2013 The Doctor delivers for Children in Need
22 November 2013 Anglia Ruskin strengthens military links
20 November 2013 New study maps causes of blindness worldwide
18 November 2013 Launch of new Cambridge Ahead group
15 November 2013 Judo stars land Team of the Year prize
14 November 2013 Anglia Ruskin expert curates film festival
13 November 2013 Victims of bullying earn less than peers
11 November 2013 High-flying Kite wins national award
8 November 2013 Giving young people a voice on Europe
31 October 2013 Future-proofing businesses against climate risks
25 October 2013 Enterprising academics take Romania by storm
24 October 2013 Event to highlight major funding opportunities
22 October 2013 Green Deal scheme requires 'urgent reform'
22 October 2013 Don't rely on children to report abuse
18 October 2013 New tool helps put a value on nature
17 October 2013 Autistic children look less friendly to peers
16 October 2013 Leading keyhole surgeons meet at ICENI Centre
14 October 2013 Anglia Ruskin honour for high-flying Amanda
11 October 2013 Honoraries provide inspirational role models
8 October 2013 Health & Wellbeing Academy launched
4 October 2013 Honoraries help students celebrate in Cambridge
27 September 2013 Warwick and Louis receive honorary degrees
24 September 2013 Urban birds cope better in extreme weather
23 September 2013 South Asia Anglia Partnership is launched
16 September 2013 Golden Window for babies at risk
13 September 2013 Adults take time to seek sound advice
11 September 2013 SMEs in the East can join the GREATS
9 September 2013 Quid Pro Quo attracts the smart money
6 September 2013 Food, climate change and war: the Syria crisis
30 August 2013 GRO to map world's fragility to resource shortages
29 August 2013 Innovative training for Russian Railways staff
16 August 2013 Excessive risk of breast cancer therapy
14 August 2013 Heartbeat can trigger 'out-of-body experience'
9 August 2013 Anglia Ruskin to open dedicated Clearing Centres
19 July 2013 Students make a difference to Essex patients
17 July 2013 Story of hope for Syrian refugee children
11 July 2013 Anglia Ruskin partners on water efficiency project
9 July 2013 Anglia Ruskin adds to third sector expertise
5 July 2013 Learning lessons from One Nation politics
4 July 2013 CEDAR receives national stamp of approval
3 July 2013 New course to meet needs of military veterans
1 July 2013 Strong social networks help monkeys adopt new trends
26 June 2013 Language skills spell success for pupils
25 June 2013 Win £35k to turn business idea into reality
21 June 2013 Anglia Ruskin wins international green award
20 June 2013 Gaming's coming home to Cambridge
17 June 2013 Claire's life-saving actions are recognised
14 June 2013 Students enjoy clean sweep at Macmillan awards
13 June 2013 Tom wins award for impressive body of work
11 June 2013 The Quiet Ones make some noise at Anglia Ruskin
4 June 2013 Roadshow bus will drive the message home
28 May 2013 New course tailor-made for new managers
23 May 2013 UCLPartners gets green light from NHS England
21 May 2013 Three new faces on Anglia Ruskin Board
17 May 2013 Creative solutions for climate change challenges
16 May 2013 Children in Essex benefit from EYPS accreditation
14 May 2013 Diabetic patients at greater risk from superbug
7 May 2013 James bounces back to achieve gold
3 May 2013 It's the rise of the older entrepreneur...
26 April 2013 Humpbacks share new feeding technique
22 April 2013 Dragons breathe life into entrepreneurship
19 April 2013 Chance to Come and Sing with John Rutter
8 April 2013 A fairy tale appointment for Jack Zipes
4 April 2013 Cosmetic surgery requires tighter regulation
2 April 2013 Building Business Success with Anglia Ruskin
19 March 2013 New Medical Business Innovation Centre in Essex
18 March 2013 Simple '10 step' test could detect knee osteoarthritis
13 March 2013 Shelley scholar lands major honour in US
8 March 2013 New course puts sustainability into practice
7 March 2013 Anglia Ruskin launches institute for business research
7 March 2013 Red and Blue come together in Cambridge
5 March 2013 Top tips from Cambridge University Press experts
1 March 2013 New codes needed to tackle short-termism
28 February 2013 Anglia Ruskin lands judo hat-trick
27 February 2013 Midwifery student scoops national award
26 February 2013 Rising stars to shine at the Ruskin Gallery
25 February 2013 Studying faces could help children with autism
22 February 2013 New work sheds light on Shelley censorship
21 February 2013 Simon Mayo will show how Science Rocks!
19 February 2013 YouTube culture is harming image of nursing
18 February 2013 Italian celebrities are in the spotlight
13 February 2013 Exotic trees affect breeding success of UK birds
1 February 2013 StAAR research gets the chance to Shine!
30 January 2013 Think business education - Think Peterborough!
29 January 2013 Students shortlisted for nursing scholarships
25 January 2013 Deadline approaching for funding bids
23 January 2013 Cambridge business snaps up industry award
21 January 2013 Report highlights impact of resource constraints
17 January 2013 Construction giant builds new partnership
15 January 2013 Drama delivers popularity boost for Midwifery
14 January 2013 World first for keyhole surgery expert
11 January 2013 Essex collaboration puts the patient first
7 January 2013 Plotting Essex's route out of recession
4 January 2013 New Year, new start at Anglia Ruskin
3 January 2013 Tourism expert checks in at Anglia Ruskin
2 January 2013 Donation of £100,000 to support students
21 December 2012 Langer to star at Peterborough Cathedral
20 December 2012 Why decision-making can be black and white
19 December 2012 Start-ups share Enterprise Fellowship cash
17 December 2012 University is child's play in Peterborough
10 December 2012 Dr Jones to shape sustainability taskforce
30 November 2012 Top 10 students land judo scholarships
23 November 2012 Becky uses her LOAf to launch new comic
21 November 2012 Cambridge start-up shows Whey Forward
21 November 2012 Rheumatology experts head to Anglia Ruskin
19 November 2012 Sustainability: More than just hot air...
16 November 2012 Study reveals dangers of hot water bottles
15 November 2012 StAARs in town for breast reconstruction event
14 November 2012 Philip Pullman to discuss his Grimm Tales
13 November 2012 Skydiving team will provide a flying start
12 November 2012 Why marketing matters for social enterprises
8 November 2012 New project to tackle teenage suicides
6 November 2012 Smashing opportunity at Anglia Ruskin!
29 October 2012 Art helps the mind as well as soul
26 October 2012 Celebrating the art of children's picture books
25 October 2012 National recognition for Barclays degree
15 October 2012 Week of celebrations in Cambridge
9 October 2012 Chance to quiz Essex crime chief candidates
4 October 2012 Chelmsford students celebrate graduation
1 October 2012 Big talk about the big bang at Anglia Ruskin
27 September 2012 Treasury urged to take lead post Rio+20
26 September 2012 Former Black Panther to speak at Anglia Ruskin
19 September 2012 New way of working with confused communication
18 September 2012 Helping businesses in the East 'go green'
17 September 2012 Sponsors help charities go back to the classroom
11 September 2012 Dr McWilliam is ready to party like it's 1899!
6 September 2012 New head of Anglia Ruskin research body
23 August 2012 Poetry and Popular Protest is an international hit
22 August 2012 Anglia Ruskin aids Multitech's environmental drive
17 August 2012 Dan's chosen to light up Cambridgeshire
13 August 2012 Anglia Ruskin investigates 'mutual benefits'
8 August 2012 Anglia Ruskin gears up for late Clearing rush
7 August 2012 Britain must tackle ageing prisoner problem
2 August 2012 New opportunity to gain ACCA PQ status
31 July 2012 Summer school proves a massive draw
26 July 2012 Report highlights growing threat to biodiversity
23 July 2012 Study aims to capture the 'Essex swagger'
20 July 2012 Anglia Ruskin to carry out major eye survey
18 July 2012 Willan adds another string to his bow
17 July 2012 Swarm of insect experts descend on Anglia Ruskin
11 July 2012 Grow your business with an Anglia Ruskin intern
9 July 2012 Creating Future Champions in the East
2 July 2012 Bright appointment for Harlow journalism role
29 June 2012 Youngsters make 'bee line' for Anglia Ruskin
28 June 2012 New Cambridge accommodation is completed
27 June 2012 Danny aims to be champion of the world!
26 June 2012 Games talent set for Cambridge showdown
25 June 2012 Grimm news is great as Tim lands Puffin Prize
22 June 2012 Student Services team scoops top honour
21 June 2012 Anglia Ruskin leads on climate change policy
20 June 2012 Cambridge artist picked for top London show
19 June 2012 Turning Tables for women in the East
18 June 2012 Explore Anglia Ruskin at undergraduate Open Days
18 June 2012 Pen art proves big draw for Anglia Ruskin judges
14 June 2012 Essex UCAS event to attract 8,000 students
13 June 2012 Manifesto places green economy at heart of business
12 June 2012 Take part in a magical musical mystery tour
11 June 2012 Olympic win for Anglia Ruskin research partnership
7 June 2012 Mentoring makes a difference in Cambridge
6 June 2012 Laszlo's truffle business will mushroom!
1 June 2012 Exhibition showcases artistic impact of students
31 May 2012 New school bus for the East of England
30 May 2012 Government gives green light for Harlow UTC
29 May 2012 Students set sights on £30,000 prize money
28 May 2012 Anglia Ruskin's Festival Week branches out!
25 May 2012 South Africans mean business in Cambridge
24 May 2012 Science fiction expert heads department
22 May 2012 Launch of Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus
21 May 2012 High carbon investments threaten UK pensions
17 May 2012 Get a taste of university life at Uni4U day
15 May 2012 Exhibition urges leaders to act now on climate change
15 May 2012 Anglia Ruskin student lands national midwifery award
1 May 2012 Anglia Ruskin launches cosmetic surgery degree
1 May 2012 Entrepreneurs can bid for £35k of funding
27 April 2012 Chelmsford recycles 17 tonnes of e-waste
25 April 2012 Funny business as student launches comedy night
23 April 2012 Italian bobbies on the beat in Cambridge
20 April 2012 Have you got what it takes to be an Olympian?
19 April 2012 Anglia Ruskin meets the Gold standard
17 April 2012 University Centre Harlow officially opened by David Willetts MP
12 April 2012 Social enterprises need a 'business brain'
10 April 2012 Students organise Rosie in the Park fundraiser
5 April 2012 Great expectations for Dickens conference
3 April 2012 Kaddy's in the running for Crashaw Prize
2 April 2012 Dr Lang's Paper Trail unearths family secrets
29 March 2012 Ever wondered 'What Would Helen Mirren Do?'
28 March 2012 Local NHS, County Council and Anglia Ruskin University form limited company to optimise resources for Essex's future
27 March 2012 Join Phil Packer on his fundraising mission
26 March 2012 Extra places for University Centre Peterborough
23 March 2012 Migration theme sparks students' creativity
22 March 2012 Anglia Ruskin retain BUCS judo crown
21 March 2012 Pupils will be trading places at Anglia Ruskin
20 March 2012 Chance to explore Anglia Ruskin at Uni4U
19 March 2012 Olympic Torch to visit Anglia Ruskin on 7 July
15 March 2012 Brewery backs students' new beer idea
13 March 2012 Delivering a good plug for recycling...
12 March 2012 Anglia Ruskin quartet set for Abu Dhabi tour
8 March 2012 Have Baby Boomers caused current bust?
7 March 2012 Optometry experts focus on Cambridge cabbies
6 March 2012 Business students pitch to Cambridge Building Society
5 March 2012 Has women's progress stalled? asks ex-Chief Constable
1 March 2012 New study shows cost of climate change in the East of England
29 February 2012 Pro cyclist put through his paces at Anglia Ruskin
27 February 2012 Anglia Ruskin academic courted for new role
24 February 2012 Mackay has big plans for Microgenius
21 February 2012 Alicia lands dream role in Olympics opening ceremony
21 February 2012 Trumpet legend to perform at Anglia Ruskin
15 February 2012 Talented Anglia Ruskin artists in the spotlight
14 February 2012 Anglia Ruskin backs Sport Makers programme
6 February 2012 European ladybirds under threat from alien predator
2 February 2012 UK Climate Change Risk Assessment shows the East of England needs to adapt
30 January 2012 British public urged to track black squirrels
27 January 2012 Anglia Ruskin to host NSPCC fashion show
26 January 2012 Get the inside track on a career in social work
25 January 2012 New Cambridge Art and Science Circle to launch
24 January 2012 Golfers raise thousands for Music Therapy Appeal
23 January 2012 Scientist discovers new populations of endangered antelope
19 January 2012 Moss is boss at Design Icons exhibition
19 January 2012 GSI urges review of high carbon investments
18 January 2012 Nobel Peace Prize winner to deliver climate change talk
12 January 2012 Colour blindness gives monkeys a helping hand
11 January 2012 VISUALISE Cambridge from a different perspective
10 January 2012 Meet the Essex nurse who inspired Band Aid
9 January 2012 Mumford Theatre to stage The Secret Garden
22 December 2011 Vermeer off in a new direction this Christmas...
21 December 2011 Twentieth Century Histories GCSE will raise the bar
15 December 2011 Three Cambridge businesses share £40k prize
2 December 2011 New support package for students
1 December 2011 Celebrating Cambridgeshire's 'grand designs'
30 November 2011 Anglia Ruskin's research excellence is rewarded
29 November 2011 Get into the Christmas spirit at the Mumford Theatre
28 November 2011 Researchers study child protection volunteers
25 November 2011 Is it time to play bad COP in South Africa?
18 November 2011 Chris Parkhouse accepts International Business brief
18 November 2011 Ex-Intelligence and Security Committee chief to speak out
15 November 2011 Silicon Valley comes to Anglia Ruskin
14 November 2011 Why Strad? A free concert that's fully insured!
11 November 2011 Anglia Ruskin to fight confusion over tuition fees
9 November 2011 Terra Nova concerto takes new digital direction
8 November 2011 Griff Rhys Jones opens new performing arts space
7 November 2011 Student scoops United Nations awards
4 November 2011 Start Change to help green shoots of recovery
28 October 2011 Students have grand designs
25 October 2011 Prime Brass soloists have lunch date at Anglia Ruskin
21 October 2011 Discover more about Postgraduate and Part-time study
19 October 2011 Half-term fun at the Mumford Theatre!
17 October 2011 John Burnside wins Forward Poetry Prize
17 October 2011 Cambridge Cleantech to launch at Anglia Ruskin
14 October 2011 It's Dr Dettori as leading jockey is celebrated at Cambridge Corn Exchange
13 October 2011 Richard Madeley receives honorary degree
10 October 2011 Paul Watson lands Alumni Success in Business Award
7 October 2011 Cambridge entrepreneurs scoop £10k prize
6 October 2011 Kylie receives honorary award from Anglia Ruskin
3 October 2011 Get the lowdown on changes to student finance
30 September 2011 Festival of Ideas takes centre stage at Anglia Ruskin
29 September 2011 Green & Black's Co-founder announced as keynote speaker at Anglia Ruskin's third sector conference
28 September 2011 Student set for World Cup showdown
28 September 2011 Chance to KEEP on top of green developments
26 September 2011 Eight out of 10 Crime Scene Investigators prefer cat litter!
20 September 2011 Artist 'ramps it up' to earn Guardian honour
13 September 2011 Movie project brings new Dimensions to university life
9 September 2011 Fraser has Kalashnikov in his sights for new play
7 September 2011 Anglia Ruskin launches student finance Roadshow
2 September 2011 World's best keyhole surgeons prepare to converge on Essex
31 August 2011 Anglia Ruskin joins the Green Economy Coalition
30 August 2011 Mateo prepares for gruelling Shakespeare tour
26 August 2011 Young artists rally round to help earthquake victims
25 August 2011 Anglia Ruskin on to a winner with keyhole surgery expertise
24 August 2011 Golfers club together to raise funds for Music Therapy
23 August 2011 Anglia Ruskin academic explores roots of electronic music
19 August 2011 The great outdoors can mend our broken society
16 August 2011 Hot-shot Shaun is snapping 2012 hopefuls
14 August 2011 Hitting the hills
9 August 2011 Clarissa Campbell Orr offered Yale visiting fellowship
3 August 2011 Histon's footballers benefit from top-flight testing
2 August 2011 Study showed 1:5 young people could be affected by cyber-bullying
1 August 2011 Shane smashes his PB to win national title
29 July 2011 British Library snaps up student's work
26 July 2011 Barclays Degree trailblazers are set to graduate
22 July 2011 Unhappy people avoid eye contact - new research
21 July 2011 Amanda's cityscapes are a towering achievement
18 July 2011 Student keeps European rivals in Czech
14 July 2011 Volleyball stars swap court for classroom
13 July 2011 Team Vertigo hit the heights at Games Jam
11 July 2011 Student is running into the form of his life
8 July 2011 Talented Birgitta secures major book deal
6 July 2011 Vision of Anglia Ruskin professors is rewarded
5 July 2011 High fliers to study university degrees - from Afghanistan!
4 July 2011 Jennifer's designs prove to be everyone's cup of tea!
1 July 2011 Nursing degrees set new standards
1 July 2011 Brains Eden version 3.0 to reboot at Anglia Ruskin
29 June 2011 Anglia Ruskin launches new trade partnership!
28 June 2011 Student invited to 10 Downing Street
27 June 2011 Vision and Eye Research Unit (VERU) hosts the Cambridge Cornea and Cataract Symposium
23 June 2011 Anglia Ruskin student highlights plight of African rhinos
22 June 2011 Get ahead by getting a place at Anglia Ruskin
21 June 2011 James shows his class on Great Britain debut
17 June 2011 Anglia Ruskin has 'Big Ideas for the Future'
15 June 2011 Spotted! New atlas reveals trends in British ladybird species
14 June 2011 Facebook friends step into the real world at Anglia Ruskin
13 June 2011 Anglia Ruskin helps to launch Responsible Business Standard
13 June 2011 Cambridge climate change event attracts world-leading experts
9 June 2011 Great opportunity for young Cambridgeshire entrepreneurs
9 June 2011 Ruskin Riders pedal for charity
8 June 2011 Discover more about 'The Multilingual Family'
7 June 2011 Scientist to track voracious 'alien invaders'
6 June 2011 Twelve art graduates prepare for career take-off
2 June 2011 Employer Mentors make students more business aware
1 June 2011 Twelve graduates will be flying high
1 June 2011 Discover new ways to balance your household budget
27 May 2011 Anglia Ruskin grabs top honours at Heist Awards
26 May 2011 The proof is in the pudding for drama students
26 May 2011 Big wins for three Big Pitch finalists!
25 May 2011 Students sweep the board at Macmillan event
24 May 2011 Naomi claims Wysing Arts Centre's inaugural Topham Award
23 May 2011 Anglia Ruskin commemorate former Chairman of the Board
23 May 2011 Timberland recognises benefit of Anglia Ruskin degree
18 May 2011 Marina thrilled to reprise Dido role in new prequel
17 May 2011 Magnificent seven through to final of 'The Big Pitch'
16 May 2011 'Guild House is such a fantastic place to learn'
16 May 2011 Student helps to sink Pietersen's Surrey
12 May 2011 Anglia Ruskin students in the frame for Topham Award
11 May 2011 All the fun of the fair at the Mumford Theatre!
11 May 2011 New-look Endeavour Building is opened in Cambridge
10 May 2011 Is social media reshaping the political landscape?
5 May 2011 Co-development is key to improving worldwide healthcare
4 May 2011 Robert discovers that it's a Good year for a crisis
3 May 2011 Scientists are first to study toxic effects of BZP
29 April 2011 Anglia Ruskin student scoops national accolade
28 April 2011 Degree Show puts new creative talent in the spotlight
27 April 2011 Anglia Ruskin graduate launches countdown to 2012 Paralympics
26 April 2011 Explore the opportunities on offer at Anglia Ruskin
20 April 2011 Anglia Ruskin University's Tuition Fees for 2012/13
20 April 2011 Ruskin Gallery takes a leap into the digital future
19 April 2011 Anglia Ruskin launches US collaborative degree programme
14 April 2011 A noisy voice for the creative industries in Cambridgeshire
12 April 2011 It's a full house for Anglia Ruskin's 'Big Society' course
11 April 2011 Local schools get a buzz from Foreign Language Spelling Bee
8 April 2011 Forgetful partners mean male pill could be a turn-off for women
6 April 2011 Anglia Ruskin to stage world premiere of Aeneas in Hell
30 March 2011 Anglia Ruskin to establish UK's largest university-based Music Therapy centre
28 March 2011 Marketing team celebrate industry award nominations
24 March 2011 Student nominated for top nursing award
23 March 2011 Get a taste of university life
22 March 2011 Anglia Ruskin crowned champions at BUCS event
21 March 2011 Chartered Institute of Housing validates Anglia Ruskin degree
17 March 2011 Building work started on new student accommodation
17 March 2011 Ixion Holdings awarded Ofsted Grade 2 in first inspection
16 March 2011 Entrepreneurship students to host a charity auction dinner
15 March 2011 Discover more about the world of postgraduate studies
15 March 2011 British No 1 Danny Williams in the team for Sheffield showdown
14 March 2011 A chance to go "Beyond the Surface" of plastic surgery
14 March 2011 Opening of Chelmer Valley Park and Ride one month away
9 March 2011 'Nervous' nurseries encouraged to embrace outdoor learning
7 March 2011 Optometry students are benefiting from exciting new teaching aid
4 March 2011 Health Secretary Andrew Lansley officially opens ICENI Centre
3 March 2011 The Big Pitch needs you!
2 March 2011 Dr Aled Jones takes charge of new Global Sustainability Institute
1 March 2011 Young Essex scientists given task of "Engineering our Future"
28 February 2011 Royal Navy University Challenge for Cambridge Students
23 February 2011 Anglia Ruskin University launches groundbreaking research body
21 February 2011 Students on the route to success
17 February 2011 Lecturers examine impact of digital technology on society
15 February 2011 Lord Tomlinson takes the reins as Chair of the Board of Governors
11 February 2011 Staff go back to basics to raise money for Spinal Injuries Association
10 February 2011 A New Landscape for Low Carbon Collaboration
9 February 2011 'Pedestrian-friendly' car bonnet revealed
8 February 2011 Kate Barker warns of risks facing UK economic outlook
7 February 2011 Anglia Ruskin scientists highlight growing threat to endangered primate species
4 February 2011 Small Business course helps Maria snap-up photography opportunity
3 February 2011 Anglia Ruskin graduate's new venture is hot off the press
31 January 2011 Mumford Theatre to host Lucy Landymore's homecoming concert
28 January 2011 New course helps charities and voluntary groups maximise opportunities
25 January 2011 Students show their steel in Sheffield
24 January 2011 Help raise vital cash for the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity
21 January 2011 Students test entrepreneurial skills of local businesses and schools
20 January 2011 Anglia Ruskin University student delivers midwifery success
20 January 2011 Global financial crisis takes centre stage at Anglia Ruskin University
18 January 2011 Students aim for picture-perfect graduation
18 January 2011 Discover more about the world of social work
12 January 2011 Student shortlisted for RCM award will observe midwifery practice in occupied Palestinian territory
10 January 2011 Anglia Ruskin University experiences rise in demand for places
7 January 2011 Kaddy has her eyes on the Picador prize
5 January 2011 Earn while you learn degree will make the going easier for those who want to work around tuition fees
4 January 2011 New book links insect behaviour to social 'webs'
22 December 2010 Volvo Construction Equipment joins growing work-based degree movement
20 December 2010 Cambridge School of Art student captures city's characters
20 December 2010 Better Spaces for Older People
14 December 2010 Operating Department Practitioner picks up professional development award
10 December 2010 Women on the Edge brings new life to Greek tragedies
8 December 2010 Anglia Ruskin's MA Publishing makes its mark in Cambridge
6 December 2010 Anglia Ruskin achieves Customer Service Excellence accreditation.
2 December 2010 New vision testing and assessment centre will help to see through eye problems
30 November 2010 Fight for Sight Awards £90,000 for Eye Research Through Small Grant Awards Scheme
29 November 2010 New healthcare science programme to provide NHS with additional diagnostic staff
26 November 2010 Better History Group unveils proposals for radical shake-up of school history curriculum
26 November 2010 MA student wins award for helping to boost the self-esteem of children
25 November 2010 College of West Anglia internet TV channel wins national award
23 November 2010 Anglia Ruskin graduate will help prepare elite Paralympic athletes for London 2012 Olympic Games
23 November 2010 Photography student creates 'Best Photography Spots in Cambridge' download for Apple
19 November 2010 New Year Starts are 'springboard' to career moves
19 November 2010 Star string duo play free concert
19 November 2010 Princess Marconi graces new building launch
18 November 2010 Lord Ashcroft KCMG leads on new lecture series
17 November 2010 Classical Music for All the Family
15 November 2010 Academic helps to bring degree level study to refugees on the Thai Burma border
8 November 2010 Students to fire 'Newsnight' questions at risk-takers
4 November 2010 Students get a taste of life in the fast lane
2 November 2010 New Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology
28 October 2010 Sponsorship helps exceptionally gifted child to pursue her ambitions
28 October 2010 First 'Gainsborough Prize for Graduate Printmakers' Awarded
25 October 2010 Free online start-up business training until December 2010
25 October 2010 Anglia Ruskin honours top names
21 October 2010 Young and talented musicians set to play concert in Cambridge
21 October 2010 Recycled fashion show will benefit 'scavenger' tribe in SE India
20 October 2010 Follow our adventure trail through the city for The Big Draw 2010
18 October 2010 Research and awards boost for Anglia Ruskin
13 October 2010 Rob Clinches Searle Award for Creativity 2010 with study of the role of maps
13 October 2010 Seeing the future from a different angle
12 October 2010 Anglia Ruskin networks enterprising education ideas to Romania
8 October 2010 Anglia Ruskin honours champions from all sectors
7 October 2010 Alexandra wins award for rising to the top in publishing
29 September 2010 Anglia Ruskin law students will Go Ballistic
28 September 2010 Spelling Bee pupils celebrate European Day of Languages
27 September 2010 Dragonesque-graduates give advice to others
24 September 2010 Anglia Ruskin University and Writtle College's sports initiative nets results
22 September 2010 When social media is just the job
20 September 2010 Local MP breaks ground for new £9.3 million university centre
17 September 2010 Students to join David Haye, Juliet Stevenson CBE and other top honoraries as they graduate in Cambridge
16 September 2010 Cambridge School of Art Archive Exhibition
15 September 2010 Experts offer top tips on how to thrive in the tough economic climate
14 September 2010 Students to join The Rt Hon The Lord Hattersley and other top honoraries as they graduate in Chelmsford
10 September 2010 New Institute will focus on the well being of children and young people
10 September 2010 Student representing Great Britain in Judo World Championships in Tokyo
9 September 2010 Feast your mind on the Festival of Ideas
9 September 2010 University Centre Harlow ground-breaking ceremony
6 September 2010 Online learning lecturer nets remote working award
1 September 2010 Graduate interns add value to local companies
31 August 2010 New access point for Rivermead campus
31 August 2010 RoSPA award puts Anglia Ruskin at the very top of its class
27 August 2010 Lecturer's work bought by Tate Britain
25 August 2010 Online learning lecturer is selected for remote working award
25 August 2010 Anglia Ruskin University helping to restore the theatre of the Georgian era
16 August 2010 Graduate gains employment after one-off 'employment session'
12 August 2010 Graphic design students 'stand out' at Penguin Design Awards 2010
26 July 2010 'Higher' qualification courses that fit with life
20 July 2010 Business School students advise Virgin Money
15 July 2010 International equestrian star at college to raise aspirations
15 July 2010 'Stress-busters' invest in quicker diagnostics
12 July 2010 Company Warehouse links up with Uni to provide business 'start up' packages
12 July 2010 China Days put the focus on language and culture
30 June 2010 Spelling Bee helps children breeze through foreign languages
29 June 2010 A new-way MA in Learning Through Technology
28 June 2010 Active Languages Day will combine sport and language
25 June 2010 Anglia Ruskin wins £12m modernisation funding to cover more than 500 extra students
24 June 2010 New MBA network will keep graduates connected
24 June 2010 Delightfully illustrated 'Carrot Crunch' story wins top MacMillan Prize
23 June 2010 Graduates make big waves in fashion world
22 June 2010 Anglia Ruskin Students' Union Brings Home the Silverware!
22 June 2010 Harrods to honour staff with sales degrees
21 June 2010 AIBS launches double qualification Masters in Corporate Governance
21 June 2010 Film award ceremony judges films made by children in foreign languages
21 June 2010 Midwife wins prestigious award to support further study
17 June 2010 Graduate job hunters - the jobs are definitely out there
16 June 2010 The recipe for life revealed as the most important UK discovery
8 June 2010 £2.8m supports transfer of low carbon expertise to SMEs
8 June 2010 Brains Eden 2010 will find the hottest games team from the region
7 June 2010 New Public Appointment - Courts Board
7 June 2010 Mentoring programme is a two-way street of learning
1 June 2010 Vision and Eye Research Unit (VERU) works with Addenbrooke's Hospital
1 June 2010 Big Lottery Fund is awarded for research to support self help groups in the UK
28 May 2010 Anglia Ruskin wins bronze for best PG prospectus at marketing awards
27 May 2010 Management graduate secures research post with world's largest offshore wind farm project
26 May 2010 Free screening of 'Moving to Mars' is Anglia Ruskin's Big Idea to support Refugee Week
26 May 2010 Students see their way through to finals of Essilor Challenge
25 May 2010 Bursaries are set to help new students make a big splash in publishing
24 May 2010 Ladybirds to star in BBC nature campaign
20 May 2010 John Spence becomes part of Anglia Ruskin Board
19 May 2010 UPS delivers work-based leadership degree programme
19 May 2010 Student 'to watch' pulls out all the stops in middle distance run
17 May 2010 Research and Performance Explore Digital and Media Culture in Cambridge
17 May 2010 New textbook on business research emphasises the role of the dissertation supervisor
13 May 2010 Anglia Ruskin shortlisted for no less than six marketing accolades
10 May 2010 Cambridge School of Art launches new talent
7 May 2010 Adult Learners Week demonstrates value of local university
5 May 2010 Young dragon invests time in new start ups
4 May 2010 Sport Science for the Corporate Athlete
4 May 2010 Enjoy festival of exceptional talents
30 April 2010 New MA is backed by senior business leaders
28 April 2010 Surgeons from China visit Colchester
23 April 2010 Anglia Ruskin's Turning Point seminar series extended
21 April 2010 Cambridge School of Art graduate plays role in BAFTA success
21 April 2010 Innovation is Professor Young's watchword
14 April 2010 Construction begins on focal Point for Medical Research
8 April 2010 Stand out from the graduate crowd to find employment
7 April 2010 New online degree in care management will help to boost careers and quality of care
6 April 2010 Anglia Ruskin Students' Union pick up Silver Sound Impact award and Silver Best Bar None award
29 March 2010 Graduate employment workshops now open to final year undergraduate students
29 March 2010 University hosts all-action Uni4U experience day
25 March 2010 Graduate internships - register by 31 March to receive government funding
25 March 2010 Visitors from Palestine come to Essex to discuss mental health issues
23 March 2010 Conservationists oppose 'ivory sale' in Tanzania
22 March 2010 '2012 Inspire Mark' helps Anglia Ruskin deliver Olympic Games legacy
22 March 2010 Scientists call on the public to help monitor invasive species
18 March 2010 Free seminar to help companies in St Ives raise finance
16 March 2010 Graduate internship programme gives resource 'boost' to SMEs
12 March 2010 Cambridge Publishing Society launch creates a buzz
12 March 2010 Lunchtime concerts feature music from Sri Lanka and Anglia Ruskin Jazz Voices
11 March 2010 Ridgeon Group launches innovative management degree for staff
9 March 2010 Big Lottery Fund is awarded for research to support self help groups in the UK
5 March 2010 University Centre Peterborough opening will 'lift aspirations'
3 March 2010 Experts help others to improve business communication
1 March 2010 Do freegans commit theft?
25 February 2010 Anglia Ruskin graduate produces film with top Hollywood director
25 February 2010 Three Spring Concerts from Anglia Ruskin University
25 February 2010 Anglia Ruskin gets students to swap products
23 February 2010 Early Childhood Research group leads international debate on the 'everyday realities' of children in educational and child care settings
23 February 2010 The ICENI Centre
16 February 2010 Reaching for the Skies for a Journey to Where Art Meets Business
15 February 2010 The Music of Music Therapy conference
15 February 2010 The Grub Club helps set students up for life
15 February 2010 New Masters in Nursing programmes will help to underpin the work of region's healthcare professionals
10 February 2010 Anglia Ruskin's Turning Point seminars give businesses the academic and practical perspective
8 February 2010 All that jazz at Anglia Ruskin University
3 February 2010 Anglia Ruskin Students' Union and Apple launch the first RTC affiliated with a students' union in the U.K
1 February 2010 Harlow's new University Centre gets planning go ahead
1 February 2010 Anglia Ruskin offers online help to people who want to start the New Year with a new business venture
26 January 2010 Pioneering employers are just the business in cutting car travel
25 January 2010 Work-based Audiology degree is very well received
21 January 2010 New Urban Design and Place Shaping course launched by Anglia Ruskin University and Regional Cities East
21 January 2010 Jerwood Drawing Exhibition comes to the Ruskin Gallery
18 January 2010 Essex people to directly benefit from new NHS initiative
18 January 2010 Beyond the Codes: How Corporate Governance Really Works
13 January 2010 Research experts link up with Faculty of Health and Social Care
12 January 2010 Students Switch Off to Success
5 January 2010 New Chameleon species now named by life sciences
4 January 2010 A degree of excellence for the cultural services sector
17 December 2009 Top Gear book triumph for Cambridge School of Art graduate
16 December 2009 New Construction Site Management Degree will help to build the construction skills-base
15 December 2009 Stamp of Approval for Cambridge School of Art graduate
11 December 2009 Students make sure they don't get 'snookered' in the race for business careers
10 December 2009 100% gold for Anglia Ruskin
9 December 2009 Recession sparks an increase in new businesses
7 December 2009 Anglia Contemporary Theatre puts the focus on dream plays
4 December 2009 Mentorship development programme for the Academy of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting Research (UK)
3 December 2009 New Global Academic standard launches in Malaysia
2 December 2009 Call for mental health service users and carers to help plan future services
26 November 2009 Students graduate alongside General Sir Richard Dannatt and other top honoraries in Chelmsford
25 November 2009 'Hot Hatch' facility opens at Anglia Ruskin University
25 November 2009 Anglia Ruskin players receive scholarships
24 November 2009 £9.3 million for Harlow's new university campus
22 November 2009 Good things come to those who 'don't wait'
20 November 2009 Winter warmer concert from the Anglia Chamber Orchestra
20 November 2009 Equine Therapy Centre opens to restore horse fitness after injury
20 November 2009 Internationalisation drives product and process innovation
17 November 2009 Anglia Ruskin invites former students back to university for psychology lecture
16 November 2009 Gifted students make the most of graduation day
13 November 2009 Ajay announced as medallist in IT Leader of the Year Award
13 November 2009 Students graduate alongside David Gilmour and other top honoraries in Cambridge
13 November 2009 Anglia Ruskin's Environmental Management System achieves certification to ISO 14001
9 November 2009 Improving information delivery to our staff and students
9 November 2009 Award-winning clinical physiology student graduates
6 November 2009 Dr France Docquier with fellow scientists Dr Sushma Rai and Dr Christina Greenwood
4 November 2009 Unemployed graduates gain valuable work experience
30 October 2009 Anglia Ruskin students begin to create 'tomorrow's world'
29 October 2009 Expert on business advocates 'sticking with the knitting!'
29 October 2009 Anglia Ruskin helps to build a bridge to nursing
27 October 2009 Lunchtime concert features singer songwriter Boo Hewerdine
27 October 2009 Anglia Ruskin University hosts public workshop on Sustainable Green Housing, 28 October
23 October 2009 Tom's passion for languages leads to Anglia Ruskin Business Award
19 October 2009 Memorial lecture focuses on the secret services
19 October 2009 Students set to graduate alongside General Sir Richard Dannatt and other top honoraries in Chelmsford
19 October 2009 Students set to graduate alongside David Gilmour and other top honoraries in Cambridge
19 October 2009 Lunchtime concert from contemporary cello and piano duo
12 October 2009 Mentoring scheme helps students to develop 'business' edge
9 October 2009 Fairtrade lecture will teach students the right business ethos
9 October 2009 Endless Forms: Darwin on Film
7 October 2009 Investment in Anglia Ruskin University centres is set to bring positive change
2 October 2009 Student feels benefit of publishing scholarship
2 October 2009 EssexWorks: Improving Transport
2 October 2009 Anglia Ruskin launches new 'vibrant' music for 2009 graduation ceremonies
2 October 2009 High flying graduates tell secrets of success
1 October 2009 New MA for Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals will bring patient healthcare benefits
23 September 2009 Lecture on climate change warns it's too late for 'prevention'
22 September 2009 Professionals discuss new sexual assault services
18 September 2009 Policy expert calls for positive change
17 September 2009 Steve Lockwood performs on harmonica
16 September 2009 Professor of Literary History and Women's Writing remembers an extraordinary musical episode
15 September 2009 Students turned on by switching off
11 September 2009 First Chelmsford Marathong will be a fun 'walk in the park'
9 September 2009 'Turning Point' seminar series will help companies spark new ideas
8 September 2009 Online learning lecturer is shortlisted for Remote Worker Award
7 September 2009 Ajay shortlisted for IT Leader of the Year Award
4 September 2009 Cutting-edge arts research wins public health award
4 September 2009 Reunion will bring together healthcare professionals
3 September 2009 Ruskin Building celebrates 100 years
24 August 2009 ICS and Anglia Ruskin offer solution to university oversubscription
14 August 2009 Bite-Sized Financial Training for Essex companies
7 August 2009 Anglia Ruskin receives Carbon Trust Standard
3 August 2009 Workshops will help graduates shape up for employment
31 July 2009 Careers in Early Years: exciting study opportunities with Anglia Ruskin University
27 July 2009 Students secure last-minute courses for a journey of self discovery and career fulfilment
21 July 2009 Local investment in publishing talent gives hope to aspiring publishers
17 July 2009 Lord Ashcroft makes second £5million gift to create new business school in Cambridge
15 July 2009 New appointment focuses on vision and eye research
14 July 2009 Media experts analyse the political implications of Facebook and Twitter
10 July 2009 Social work and 'creative writing' lecturer beats major literary names to clinch short story prize
8 July 2009 Blue Skies ahead for Upcoming Artists
6 July 2009 East of England Regional Centre Links into Languages
3 July 2009 Anglia Ruskin creative writers secure four nominations for book prize
2 July 2009 Ashcroft Enterprise Society is formed to provide city-wide activities
1 July 2009 World-class laparoscopic centre to be built in Colchester
30 June 2009 Anglia Ruskin Students' Union wins NUS Campaign of the Year Award 2009
29 June 2009 Ladybird, ladybird: unravelling the story of an alien invader
26 June 2009 Innovative Anglia Ruskin Knowledge transfer partnership wins a second award
22 June 2009 Survive and Thrive - activities to help businesses and individuals sail through the economic storm
19 June 2009 Faculty of Education ITT Conference
17 June 2009 Cambridge life sciences team take part in a new animal adventure series
16 June 2009 When mentoring still means 'better business'
15 June 2009 Art for art's sake - installation wins prestigious prize
12 June 2009 Ashcroft International Business School joins the Global Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI)
11 June 2009 Looking into the eyes of school pupils
10 June 2009 Anglia Ruskin Students' Union amongst top three in the UK
5 June 2009 Anglia Ruskin University brings Mill Pond back to life
3 June 2009 Learn more to earn more
1 June 2009 Social work lecturer writes sci-fi stories with a more 'human' touch
27 May 2009 Music, recitals and theatre ... it's Festival Week!
26 May 2009 Animation student's images of war clinch the Searle Award for Creativity
20 May 2009 Anglia Ruskin wins marketing accolade
19 May 2009 Miss Student UK competition
18 May 2009 Action group selected for 2009 East of England Health and Social Care Awards
15 May 2009 Creative energy of the future goes on show
14 May 2009 New equestrian partnership - Anglia Ruskin University and the College of West Anglia
12 May 2009 New partnership created between arts and business
30 April 2009 Forgotten music from the GPO
29 April 2009 Publishing Proofs: Cambridge Speaks Volumes
23 April 2009 Anglia Ruskin Students' Union wins silver at this year's sound environmental impact awards
21 April 2009 Music therapy students pay tribute to collection of classic and contemporary composers
16 April 2009 Anglia Ruskin secures investment to help businesses and individuals through the recession
14 April 2009 If young children go down to the woods today they'll be in for a ... better future
9 April 2009 Celebrity Piano Recital - Piers Lane plays Chopin
9 April 2009 Students to learn the language of Apple
8 April 2009 Modern artist's life seen through 'interactive' screen prints
6 April 2009 Business School's newly extended 'education space'
3 April 2009 Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University Radio is going FM
2 April 2009 Anglia Ruskin goes bananas for Fairtrade!
1 April 2009 Anglia Ruskin wins two Lord Stafford Awards
31 March 2009 East of England needs migrant workers to help beat recession
30 March 2009 Professional snaps at a snip
27 March 2009 Edge lecture sets out vision to 'elevate' practical learning
26 March 2009 Anglia Ruskin Judo Team at British University and Colleges Championships (BUCS)
20 March 2009 Anglia Law School sets benchmark for the Justice Sector
18 March 2009 Anglia Ruskin is shortlisted for marketing accolades
12 March 2009 Anglia Ruskin University welcomes Year 9 and 10 students
11 March 2009 Anglia Ruskin Orchestra and Chorus and the Chuckerbutty Ocarina Quartet perform during March
10 March 2009 Anglia Ruskin University KTP Projects Shortlisted
5 March 2009 ALSS Law students seal 'convincing' national win and a place in the US finals
3 March 2009 The Birds Eye View Film Festival comes to Cambridge
2 March 2009 Postgraduate research brings time and money saving discovery to GPs in the UK
26 February 2009 AIBS student team wins semi-final in the IBM UBC Universities Business Challenge
25 February 2009 Annual Searle Award for Creativity launch
24 February 2009 Anglia Ruskin University accredits courses delivered by Frameboxx in India
20 February 2009 RAF Ensemble pay flying visit to Anglia Ruskin
17 February 2009 Helen Rollason Research Laboratory officially launched
6 February 2009 Medical professionals discuss anaesthesia issues
5 February 2009 Anglia Ruskin University law students to defend national competition title
3 February 2009 Iconic war posters and classic advertising on show
3 February 2009 Building a bridge to Silicon Valley
22 January 2009 University Centre Peterborough springs to life
21 January 2009 Steven's study of the noise of joints wins Global Entrepreneur placement in the USA
20 January 2009 Anglia Ruskin launches Anglia MatchFund
16 January 2009 Riprap Poetry Collective brings its special vibe to Chelmsford
15 January 2009 Anglia Ruskin's Celebrity Steinway Inaugural Concert
13 January 2009 Ashcroft International Business School leads the way with Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
12 January 2009 Silicon Valley comes to Cambridge to build prosperous partnerships
9 January 2009 Eversheds prepare Anglia Ruskin students for a life in the law
5 January 2009 Everyone's heading for the language gym
24 December 2008 Research group applies nanocoating technology to a 'living interface' between implants and bone
23 December 2008 Anglia Ruskin University research is world-leading
19 December 2008 From art to artistry in contemporary drama
18 December 2008 Anglia Ruskin gets positive vibes from its international students
15 December 2008 Father Christmas - Classroom vs. Parents
12 December 2008 New Director of Learning Development Services helps University to roll out flexible and distance learning initiatives
9 December 2008 John Rutter sings with friends for Music Therapy
5 December 2008 Cambridge School of Art student wins New York Times Book Review Accolade
4 December 2008 Anglia Ruskin Evening Concert features the definitive works of Milhaud and Fauré
3 December 2008 First class students set the standard for others to follow
1 December 2008 Students graduate with crime fiction writer Martina Cole and many other distinguished honoraries
28 November 2008 FDMX chair discussions at BAFTA, London
26 November 2008 Students graduate alongside rare breeds farmer Jimmy Doherty and other distinguished honoraries in Cambridge
25 November 2008 East of England to host first Lord Stafford Awards for Innovation
21 November 2008 First class students set out to inspire others
19 November 2008 Nicholas Crane re-discovers Anglia Ruskin University
11 November 2008 New Year starts fit around family and lifestyle
10 November 2008 Budding entrepreneurs given opportunity with Virgin Money
6 November 2008 Students to graduate with crime fiction writer Martina Cole and other distinguished honoraries in Chelmsford
4 November 2008 Enterprise Week 2008 aims to put young people in the business 'hot seat' and help formulate new creative companies
30 October 2008 Top Zen Master tells of how to deal with 'stress of daily life'
28 October 2008 A national first for SEPT
23 October 2008 Nicholas Crane re-discovers Anglia Ruskin University
22 October 2008 Students graduate alongside rare breeds farmer Jimmy Doherty and other distinguished honoraries in Cambridge
21 October 2008 Anglia Ruskin University FDMX works on a unique BAFTA event
15 October 2008 Anglia Ruskin shortlisted for THE Awards 2008
14 October 2008 REACH education potential via 'drop in' day
13 October 2008 Wanted by the FBI!
9 October 2008 'Community Fun Day' celebrates 150 years of University life in Cambridge
7 October 2008 Anglia Ruskin student at Roller Hockey World Championships, Japan
3 October 2008 2008 East Region Awards
2 October 2008 Anglia Ruskin hosts new virtual moviemaking workshops
30 September 2008 'Ruskin and Employability' Lecture
26 September 2008 Anglia Ruskin presents Sara Fanelli's 'Pinocchio'
24 September 2008 New strategy enables local health and social care
23 September 2008 Young business brains share their experiences
17 September 2008 Double Paralympic Beijing Medallist Fran Williamson
15 September 2008 Anglia Ruskin Lunchtime Concert features Britain's foremost young violinist
12 September 2008 Anglia Ruskin relives its history through the decades
11 September 2008 New Community Fun Day for Chelmsford
5 September 2008 High Definition Film Collaboration for Cambridge and Norwich students
22 August 2008 Anglia Ruskin student represents the views of autistic people in the national media
14 August 2008 Salimetrics Europe launch 'All Things Saliva' training courses for collection, storage and testing of salivary biomarkers
12 August 2008 Managing Anti-Social Behaviour in schools and colleges: powers, responsibilities and remedies conference
8 August 2008 A day of music making for singers of all ages and voices
30 July 2008 'Artistic expression' helpful for mental health
22 July 2008 Global Marketing experts to teach business professionals 'The Art of the Possible'
21 July 2008 People to get total flexibility from the workplace as employers offer to pay for 'Slivers of Time'
17 July 2008 Anglia Ruskin University continues to cut the carbon
16 July 2008 Anglia Ruskin makes moves to become a major 'global' University
14 July 2008 Ixion Holdings joins Anglia Ruskin University
8 July 2008 Anglia Ruskin wins one of the largest awards of funds for 'Higher Skills @ Work' programme
7 July 2008 University staff Choose2Reuse
2 July 2008 Anglia Ruskin University extends animation focus through new India tie-up
1 July 2008 Student with 'second life' gets set for Sahara Rally 2009
1 July 2008 The future of computer games comes to Cambridge
26 June 2008 New Professor will help to develop Postgraduate Medical Institute study
26 June 2008 International experts gather to discuss industrial electronics
26 June 2008 First students benefit from Ronald Searle prizes
25 June 2008 Historical significance for Ashby House
19 June 2008 3rd Sector Futures launched in Chelmsford
18 June 2008 Employer mentoring scheme gives students the chance to develop essential 'business skills'
4 June 2008 Anglia Ruskin University endorses 'Live Life' Exercise Referral Scheme
3 June 2008 Time running out for Cambridge students and businesses to Step forward
30 May 2008 New generation midwife enhances 'birthing experience'
28 May 2008 Graduate engineers massive savings
27 May 2008 Students go all out to impress at degree shows
23 May 2008 John Denham urges workers in Essex to benefit from higher education
22 May 2008 New MA provides 'proof' of publishing worth
20 May 2008 From classical concerts to dalliances with drama
16 May 2008 Local youth leader brings back 'Message of Hope' from Jane Goodall's Global Youth Summit
15 May 2008 Anglia Ruskin University Chooses Bluesocket for Campus-Wide Wireless Expansion
14 May 2008 A 'fantasia' start to the summer music performances at Anglia Ruskin
6 May 2008 'Social Enterprise': the key to future prosperity
28 April 2008 Frequency of 'domineering' black squirrel sightings set to increase
25 April 2008 'Serious games' played on mobile technology
23 April 2008 Fun Run and Walk remembers former student with a passion for football and life
22 April 2008 NEXT Next-Gen Games Competition
21 April 2008 Anglia Ruskin welcomes Chief Nurse to new facility
14 April 2008 STEP into the future with Shell's enterprising programme
3 April 2008 Antenatal and newborn screening course delivered online
31 March 2008 Martin Roscoe plays Beethoven
26 March 2008 Alumnus up for Classical Brit Award
25 March 2008 Student is 'driving force' behind car parts music
24 March 2008 UK's number one student radio station takes over Radio 1
20 March 2008 Music legend Kenny Ball unveils Radio Addenbrooke's new look
18 March 2008 'Boxing clever' as new Medical Institute helps develop the expertise of doctors
13 March 2008 MindSpace explores inspirational moments in art
12 March 2008 Uni 4 U day heralded a success
11 March 2008 Anglia Ruskin team wins the IBM Universities Business Challenge
10 March 2008 Anglia Ruskin University's 'legal eagles' win through
5 March 2008 Postgraduate Medical Institute
4 March 2008 India Eyecare
29 February 2008 World Glaucoma Day
20 February 2008 Seeing RED: the future of Digital Cinematography
19 February 2008 International researchers to look at Global Leadership issues
19 February 2008 Civil engineer steps into role of Dean of Faculty
15 February 2008 First Edge lecture sets out vision for education and training
12 February 2008 New front of house library area for Chelmsford campus
7 February 2008 Casino night to rake in the charity cash
5 February 2008 Students sing Chinese song to launch regional activity promoting language study
1 February 2008 University researcher takes exclusive video footage of new species of Giant Elephant shrew
30 January 2008 Entec to bring University Mill Pond back to life
29 January 2008 Marcia is off to Peru for 'challenge of a lifetime'
28 January 2008 Three-year study to follow migrant workers' experiences is first of its kind
23 January 2008 Anglia Ruskin University makes more music for charity
18 January 2008 Education in Chelmsford reaches new heights
17 January 2008 Quentin Blake opens Ronald Searle exhibition
17 January 2008 Student wins hip replacement research prize
16 January 2008 Chris Nicholls steps up as new Deputy Chairman
8 January 2008 Anglia Ruskin University Celebrates 150 years in 2008
21 December 2007 Anglia Contemporary Theatre presents the masters of controversy
17 December 2007 It's good to talk
14 December 2007 Boost your employability by starting the New Year with a university place
13 December 2007 Anglia Ruskin joins national veterinary network
11 December 2007 Top marks and prizes for outstanding graduates
28 November 2007 'Painstaking' research is commended by forensic science industry
28 November 2007 Entrepreneurs help to produce enterprising degree students
23 November 2007 Tireless conservationist brings 'Reason for Hope'
19 November 2007 Anglia Ruskin University names new Deputy VC
14 November 2007 1500 students graduate alongside honoraries in Cambridge
14 November 2007 Anglia Sinfonia prepares for polished performance
12 November 2007 A check on our stress levels - according to university experts
9 November 2007 Enterprise Week 2007 comes to Cambridge
7 November 2007 Anglia Ruskin exhibition pays tribute to St Trinian's originator - Ronald Searle
2 November 2007 Current thinking and practice in music therapy
1 November 2007 HE Minister-delivers The Ruskin Lecture 2007
26 October 2007 One of Japan's hottest exports performs lunchtime recital
25 October 2007 THES award nomination for Widening Participation Initiative of the Year
22 October 2007 Business brilliance is now available from the experts
19 October 2007 New Higher Education Manager to start drive for new University Centre funding
19 October 2007 Essex entrepreneurs awarded share of £470,000
17 October 2007 Rise in interest in social work brings raft of book launches
10 October 2007 Charity quiz night aids Music Therapy Appeal
3 October 2007 New Executive Director for University Centre Peterborough
2 October 2007 Human trafficking - University academics meet to discuss latest trends
26 September 2007 'Best feet forward' for the Heart and Sole walk
25 September 2007 Massive support and line up for Community Fun Day
24 September 2007 Anglia Ruskin welcomes President of the Law Society
13 September 2007 Can video games boost your health?
10 September 2007 Is university still the ultimate springboard to success?
5 September 2007 New BDMs to 'cultivate' business and public sector engagement to bring innovation and progress
23 August 2007 Conference explores the potential of High Definition technologies for the screen arts and education
23 August 2007 Fast-track training in digital media and creative music technology
16 August 2007 New Orleans born painter brings '50-year' showcase exhibition to Cambridge
16 August 2007 No more excuses for Anglia Ruskin students to forget their TV licence
13 August 2007 Prominent new Chair for Anglia Ruskin Board
9 August 2007 Call for stall holders and families to roll up for Community Fun Day
8 August 2007 Life Sciences student awarded 'best student poster'
8 August 2007 Further training boost for creative industries in Eastern Region
23 July 2007 Anglia Ruskin attracts over 10,000 degree applications as it sharpens up its profile
19 July 2007 World experts collaborate on protein research to find breast cancer breakthrough
17 July 2007 New creative arts courses for Chelmsford
17 July 2007 Student midwife prepares to deliver 'podium' performance at 2012 Olympics
13 July 2007 'Make history compulsory' call from team of experts
10 July 2007 Business School wins prestige training contract
9 July 2007 New help for teachers in diagnosing dyslexia symptoms
5 July 2007 New £8m healthcare education centre is venue for 'Summer Careers Fair'
5 July 2007 Grant success in English Literature
27 June 2007 Family fun day at Anglia Ruskin aims to 'demystify' university
25 June 2007 Sculptor creates Swinging London in Poland
21 June 2007 Hospital Radio Station consults specialists for new logo
20 June 2007 Mentoring pairs step up to receive awards
15 June 2007 Students today ... business or world leaders tomorrow
13 June 2007 Mission Croatia 2007
12 June 2007 Zoheb Sharif excels during British Universities' Tour of South Africa
8 June 2007 Anglia Ruskin enjoys new 'green league' status
5 June 2007 Cambridge School of Art students 'celebrate' degree projects at prestigious Ruskin Gallery venue
4 June 2007 New business development manager for Anglia Ruskin
4 June 2007 Major business 'influence' gives insight into accountancy
31 May 2007 Employer Mentoring Scheme is simply fizzing with success
31 May 2007 Julia studies life in the real world of tourism
24 May 2007 Professor Michael Thorne and Ravi Gill lead on public private partnership
23 May 2007 First step to realising university vision for King's Lynn
18 May 2007 Summer exhibition showcases the future of computing and design
17 May 2007 Having fun while raising money on the Ruskin Run and Walk
15 May 2007 New 3D design courses from Anglia Ruskin
11 May 2007 Film director Terence Davies 'in conversation' at Anglia Ruskin
10 May 2007 Even more opportunities with Anglia Ruskin
9 May 2007 DNA links Aborigines to African walkabout
8 May 2007 Internationally renowned cellist to play at Anglia Ruskin
4 May 2007 Architecture lecturer collects award for 'Environmental House'
26 April 2007 Experts advise businesses on how to plant new ideas into an organisation
20 April 2007 Anglia Ruskin student is games master supreme
13 April 2007 It all adds up to top national award for Anglia Ruskin lecturer
12 April 2007 Get active with the Ruskin Run and Walk 2007
10 April 2007 Homeless get chance to build self-confidence through music therapy
4 April 2007 New Dean to spearhead newly-merged Faculty of Health and Social Care
3 April 2007 Final year students' poster evening
2 April 2007 Four new Fellows for Anglia Ruskin
28 March 2007 Minister cuts turf on £15m student 'learning space'
23 March 2007 Faith groups unite with politicians and practitioners to address the role of faith in public space
22 March 2007 Get on your bike for Little Havens
14 March 2007 Anglia Ruskin law students win through to Sydney finals
9 March 2007 Do more with life with Anglia Ruskin
7 March 2007 Essex Skills for Life Professional Development Centre at Anglia Ruskin University
2 March 2007 Legal deal signed and sealed facilitates the 'emergence' of new University Centre in Peterborough
2 March 2007 Fairtrade to Anglia Ruskin University
1 March 2007 'Collaborate to Innovate' at Anglia Ruskin's business boosting workshops
26 February 2007 Keystone Chief Executive appointed Visiting Fellow of Anglia Ruskin University
23 February 2007 Worldwide expert in robotic and telesurgery lectures in Essex
21 February 2007 Going wild in the Fens - with new project to monitor two landscape-scale habitat creation projects
14 February 2007 Anglia Ruskin comes out among top 10 for student applications despite fees going up
14 February 2007 Mozart in a new light: Chamber Musicians of Cambridge exploratory new concert series
13 February 2007 Experts hope to attract sport and equine enthusiasts
9 February 2007 Special Thanks to Helen Rollason Volunteers
6 February 2007 University experts head up academic social services journal
2 February 2007 East Industries shows commitment to helping women to succeed
31 January 2007 Chris Mitchell follows American dream
30 January 2007 Working in Film ... New opportunities for Anglia Ruskin students
23 January 2007 IHSC gains accolade for Health and Social Policy programme
19 January 2007 Forensic expert helps reveal gritty facts behind BBC's murder mystery series
17 January 2007 Worldwide expert in robotic and telesurgery to lecture in Essex
11 January 2007 New Year start for a new university life
8 January 2007 Environmental planning student wins £4000 prize
19 December 2006 Ecology is the focus of student trip to Amazon
19 December 2006 Anglia Ruskin University adds new expertise to Board
8 December 2006 Ground-breaking research recognised by forensic science industry
7 December 2006 The search for future computer games talent in the East of England is on
5 December 2006 Comenius conference leads the way
28 November 2006 University Dean practises what he preaches
28 November 2006 'Virtual' students meet for the first time on graduation day
24 November 2006 National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship (NCGE) rallies East of England's student and graduate entrepreneurs
23 November 2006 Honoraries include Graham Gooch for 'services to cricket'
21 November 2006 £10 million boost for university facility in Harlow
21 November 2006 £10 million boost for university facility in Peterborough
20 November 2006 Anglia Ruskin student featured in national publication, Into Higher Education
16 November 2006 First class international student lands international job
16 November 2006 Employer Mentoring Scheme welcomes and introduces new cohort of participants in Chelmsford
15 November 2006 Anglia Ruskin involved with investigations into the most invasive ladybird on earth
8 November 2006 Music and technology talents combine to produce prize winning graduate
6 November 2006 November graduation sees Ultraversity 'virtual learners' meet up for the first time
6 November 2006 Exceptional photography graduate takes on the arts world
3 November 2006 Brussels is the venue for experts and practitioners to discuss how SMEs internationalise
1 November 2006 Anglia Ruskin selected for Exemplar Employer initiative
31 October 2006 Student graduates as Pro Footballer
31 October 2006 Cambridgeshire artists do the business
27 October 2006 'hats off' to the Anglia Ruskin graduates of Cambridge
20 October 2006 Anglia Ruskin's top literary writers
20 October 2006 House of Lords reception for Anglia Ruskin University star
13 October 2006 University celebrates the inexhaustible creative energy of John Ruskin one year after official renaming
13 October 2006 BBC goes on tour to help non-native English speakers to pick up the lingo and learn local info
12 October 2006 University Dean with wide healthcare expertise is picked for RCN Institute Board
4 October 2006 University jazz event will bring music to many ears
3 October 2006 Anglia Ruskin alumni invest in the Science and Technology graduates of the future
25 September 2006 Russian and UK experts build BRIDGE to learning
20 September 2006 HRH Princess Royal visits Tollesbury Granary
19 September 2006 Bioengineering combating ageing
19 September 2006 Learning and cultural 'hub' goes live
11 September 2006 Anglia Ruskin gives to three charities as it plans to keep up the fun running
6 September 2006 Anglia Ruskin demonstrates the flexibility of Access to HE
6 September 2006 Tomorrow's leaders today - New York
4 September 2006 Anglia Ruskin student joins Channel swim elite
29 August 2006 Anti-social behaviour experts put RESPECT at top of the conference agenda
14 August 2006 Academics and professionals learning lessons from loss
8 August 2006 Online learning is finally going mainstream
8 August 2006 Trafficking in humans - the business and the crime
4 August 2006 Anglia Ruskin students win i10 Innovators competition and £5,000 in London final
1 August 2006 Interactive cosmetic surgery event pools the talents of top surgeons
20 July 2006 Tollesbury Granary features on BBC2 Restoration - Village TV Programme
20 July 2006 Sports science team help prepare student for cross-Channel swim
20 July 2006 Innovative Anglia Ruskin student secures NCGE-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Fellow
14 July 2006 Setting the student scene for 'arresting' role play sessions
13 July 2006 The University where everyone's a stranger
11 July 2006 Anglia Ruskin names new Vice Chancellor
6 July 2006 University researcher helps to identify new genus of monkey
3 July 2006 Anglia Ruskin looks towards milestone move to Rivermead
29 June 2006 Anglia Ruskin fronts Hearing Children's Voices programme
28 June 2006 Wake-up call to Government - new approach to university funding needed
27 June 2006 Major lecture calls for 'practical and inspiring' education
26 June 2006 300 pupils get insight into University life at Anglia Ruskin summer schools
23 June 2006 Anglia Ruskin builds on Korean connection
22 June 2006 QAA review commends IHSC programmes
21 June 2006 Scholar with passion for Shakespeare's works is remembered by university
16 June 2006 New media production course meets the demands of the new 'iPod' generation
13 June 2006 'Clearer' tactile maps produced by 'inkjet printer' will open new doors to blind people
8 June 2006 Anglia Ruskin complementary therapists help with pampering and de-stress sessions for Chelmsford's carers
6 June 2006 New Mayor endorses employer mentoring scheme as the call goes out for 'more mentors'
1 June 2006 Employer mentoring scheme which brings reciprocal benefits calls for 'more mentors' from Chelmsford
31 May 2006 Built Environment courses go 'mainstream' with new doctorate programme
30 May 2006 World class cancer research taking place in Chelmsford
23 May 2006 105 students showcase artistic talents in major show
23 May 2006 Anglia Ruskin University seals IT deal with Logicalis
22 May 2006 Anglia Ruskin cricketing stars catch majority of sports scholarship awards
18 May 2006 New initiatives brings together faiths of the East of England
18 May 2006 HSHS leaps into league tables
16 May 2006 Cambridge education providers run 'health check' on computing courses
16 May 2006 New £8m healthcare education centre
8 May 2006 Anglia Ruskin-sponsored students report on their charity cycle ride across Oz
2 May 2006 Anglia Ruskin is listed among The Guardian's 'Six of the Best' top performing universities for English excellence
2 May 2006 Top experts debate children's social care issues at conference aided by a 'child' actress
2 May 2006 Anglia Ruskin student meets David Blunkett
27 April 2006 Anglia Ruskin University stages 'MIND You Drop in Day'
26 April 2006 From pod-casts to online learning pedagogy
24 April 2006 Student sets his sights on Channel swim
18 April 2006 RAG Society prepares to break five world records while Making Whoopee
11 April 2006 Top experts debate children's social care issues because 'every child matters'
11 April 2006 Fresh approach to horse breeding techniques set to yield improved results
7 April 2006 Vice Chancellor to leave Anglia Ruskin University
5 April 2006 Dean of Business is in the running for the money
31 March 2006 Music therapy course
31 March 2006 Unique film masterclass for the East's brightest talent
30 March 2006 Business 'globetrotters' get expert advice
27 March 2006 University team develop new 'faster' detection system for ischaemic heart disease
21 March 2006 European business brains secure national prize
20 March 2006 Andrea is set to drive corporate communications
20 March 2006 Ecotherapy is the connection with the 'rest of life'
17 March 2006 Connecting students with science
9 March 2006 Quality leap for Anglia Ruskin-trained health and social care inspectors
9 March 2006 Law conversion course for aspiring solicitors and barristers
7 March 2006 Artists bring children's stories to life
28 February 2006 'vision and leadership' brings new University Centre to Harlow
22 February 2006 Be your own boss - enter the dragon's den
22 February 2006 Anglia Ruskin introduces new Professor of Bioengineering
9 February 2006 Anglia Ruskin launches recruitment website to encourage graduates to stay in Essex
8 February 2006 Anglia Ruskin Students win 'one' sponsorship
7 February 2006 Anglia Ruskin names new Director of Estates
7 February 2006 First one-person show at the new Ruskin Gallery
3 February 2006 Anglia Ruskin offers extra French for wannabe teachers
2 February 2006 Anglia Ruskin University receives special recognition for work in graduate recruitment
1 February 2006 Major step towards university for Peterborough
25 January 2006 New Professor of Literature muses on 'curiosity'
25 January 2006 Life changing online work-based degrees start now
16 January 2006 Anglia Ruskin backs Australian charity cycle challenge
16 January 2006 Anglia Ruskin appoints Director of IT Strategy
13 January 2006 East Meets West at Anglia Ruskin
19 December 2005 Sir Digby Jones opens £8m Tindal Building
15 December 2005 Anglia Ruskin opens £8m music and arts facility
14 December 2005 Job fair flags up careers for student nurses
12 December 2005 Anglia Ruskin lecture focuses on cosmetic surgery and self image
12 December 2005 Anglia Ruskin staff shows bring new gallery to life
7 December 2005 Anglia Ruskin's forensic science students win prizes
7 December 2005 Memorial Lecture urges women to talk about cancer
6 December 2005 Anglia Ruskin stages activity workshop for disabled people in the run up to international 'awareness' day
1 December 2005 Students in mock-up court day
1 December 2005 Ragtastic fundraising success
29 November 2005 New cohort of participants to Employer Mentoring Scheme welcomed by Director of Student Affairs
25 November 2005 November graduation celebrations at Cambridge
22 November 2005 New Learning Zone extension opens
22 November 2005 Training boost for creative industries in Eastern Region
17 November 2005 University 'FireWorks' team appeals for more information on equality and diversity as the project draws to a close
15 November 2005 Sabrina wins graduation prize after life-changing decision moves her into healthcare
15 November 2005 November graduation celebrations at Chelmsford
8 November 2005 Students get to grips with life in an operating theatre at Anglia Ruskin 'taster' day
4 November 2005 New Dean means business
3 November 2005 New book questions old assumptions about mental health and employment
2 November 2005 City Council says Anglia Ruskin is excellent for disabled people
19 October 2005 Anglia Ruskin hosts first Essex Justice Awards evening
18 October 2005 Anglia Ruskin University's new Law Unit looks to protect children and the vulnerable
14 October 2005 Anglia Ruskin town centre development sparks memory book as former students remember the old 'Tech'
12 October 2005 Anglia Ruskin University Rolls Out Red Carpet for RICS Presidential Visit
12 October 2005 Anglia Ruskin University offers students advice on World Mental Health Day
11 October 2005 Anglia Ruskin University to transfer ownership of health school from Homerton College
5 October 2005 New name, new era
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